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How To Hire A Large Generator

Are you looking to hire a large generator for a certain period of time? There may be many reasons one may need a large generator whether they need to power an event, workspace or facility. If your objective is to find a reliable power source temporarily, then hiring a generator is the best and most obvious choice.

When you have decided that your next move is to hire a generator then there are a few things that you need to take into consideration – if you’ve had no experience in dealing with generators then it can be quite a daunting task to hire one as there are so many factors and elements that come into play in deciding what is the ideal generator for your situation.

One of the best things you can do in getting ready to hire a large generator is putting together a shortlist of requirements that you can follow every time you require a generator hire service. It’s important to remember that these requirements aren’t set in stone but will act as a guide that you can give to the generator power company who you are hiring the generator from.

By giving them these requirements, they will be able to quickly identify what large generator you are looking for and provide you with an effective solution.

It is highly recommended to save yourself the time that you do reach out to a generator hire expert like the team here at Pleavin Power as soon as possible. We’ve put together this list in order to give you a much better understanding of certain aspects that will come into play when you are looking to hire a generator.


Power Requirement

The first question that you will most likely be asked when reaching out for a generator hire service is what are you looking to power with the generator? Are you looking to power a whole construction site? Are you looking to power a musical event?

By taking the time out to make a full list of equipment that will need to power during the time then the generator hire service team will have more of an idea of what is required from your generator. Giving them a full list of equipment that needs to be powered they will be able to successfully calculate what size and specs you’ll need for your large generator.

It can be difficult to know what power requirements you will need for each piece of equipment but there is no need to worry as long as you have it down – a generator expert will fully understand generator sizing and will be able to help you based on the information given.


Site Access

Where you are planning to place your large generator can have serious implications on the specifications of the generator that you require. Is the location in a rural location or hard to reach?

Some large generators can be transported and positioned faster depending on the site location – many big generators will need flatbed lorries in order to transport them to the location.

In the case of very large generators then you will be required to have proper planning permission and project management to make sure that your generator is transported, positioned and set up right without any potential problems.

You will need to alert the generator hire service people beforehand of where you plan to have your generator as they can give advice and plan the best route to getting your generator to the location in a quick and effective manner.



Being closely associated with site access – you need to ensure that you are strictly following all regulations that are set in place when hiring a generator such as fuel safety, noise control and many more.

This is to make sure that you are using the generator in the correct manner and that health and safety are not only prioritised for you but for others around you as well. If you are concerned that you are unsure about all the regulations that come with hiring a generator.

There is no need to worry as you should receive a ‘hand-over’ from the hiring company plus a brief to run over all the requirements that you need to follow when hiring a generator and you will get any support needed if you require it.


Time Of Use

The next aspect you will need to take into consideration is the run time of your large generator. Will you need your power to be running through the day and into the night?

If you need your generator to be running throughout the night and your chosen site location is in an area that is well populated then noise coming from a generator could be a potential issue.

By letting your generator hire service know how long you are planning to use the generator and the runtime – they will be able to use noise suppression techniques so you can keep running your generator throughout the night so you don’t lose any well-needed power.


Reach Out To Generator Hire Experts

Now that you have written down all the information that you can get on what you require from your generator. The final step will be reaching out to the correct generator hire experts who can make the entire process of hiring and delivering your generator as smooth as possible.

Hiring a generator may seem like a stressful process but if you take the time to plan before you reach out you can make sure that the process is smooth for not only you but the generator hire company as well as they’ll have all the information necessary in order to supply you with the correct large generator.

The team here at Pleavin Power are experts in all things power generation and have successfully hired out large generators to many happy clients across the United Kingdom – speak to our team today on your current needs and we will be able to guide you on your best options moving forward.

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