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Due to the need for constant power, an out-of-commission generator or even a power failure can develop into a major situation. To help prevent or fix a crisis, we offer a generator-for-hire service. With our cost-effective generator hire UK service, we provide generators ranging from 30kVA to 1600kVA with internal 8-hour fuel tanks. We can also supply an array of fuel tanks to increase the runtime and efficiency of the generator. Larger units have synchronising capabilities, meaning our largest available hire package is over 10mVA.

Our Generator Hire Service is available on long or short-term rental contracts. Whether it is for planned routine work or reactive emergency situations, the service will meet your requirements. Our experienced service team can manage the logistics from the delivery, through to the commissioning of any temporary hire systems. This service includes the on-site assessment for installing a temporary generator in a safe and sustainable manner. Contact us and secure your generator today. In addition to our generator hiring options, we also have a wide range of generators for sale

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Reasons Why People Use A Generator

We have a wide range of power generators for rental ranging from 30kVa to 2000kVa. These generators are of the highest quality, they are super silent and fuel efficient.


Generator Cables for Hire

Cables are also available to hire, anywhere from 50m to 500m. Our cables come with containing powerlock connectors allowing you to connector your generator in the safest manner.

Fuel Tanks

Generator Fuel Tank Hire

Our double bunded storage tanks allow you to increase the run time of your machine. These ADR-compliant fuel tanks are the best around.


Transporting Your Generator

In our fleet, we have a Man multi axel ridge heavy goods vehicle, with a Fassi crane that has a reach of 16m and Max load of 16000kg.



Transfer panels are ready for rental, ensuring there is no downtime if the grid goes down. The generator will be online via our transfer panel in a matter of seconds.

Load Bank

Generator for Hire

We currently have two road towable load banks that can facilitate a wide range of testing on power or cooling systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions for our expert generator hire team? Browse our this section to see if you can find the answer before enquiring.

How much will a generator hire costs will depend on several factors. The first is what type of generator you wish to hire. For instance, if you are looking for a diesel generator or a standby generator – these are fairly substantial in size which will mean that there is a lot more ‘hassle’ involved when transporting them to your desired locations.

Whereas if you decide to opt for a portable generator, these require a lot less maintenance and hassle transporting due to their size. Their size also means that you can be hooked up to power far quicker.

You will also need to take into consideration the general purpose of why you need the generator. Should it be to power an office facility, for example, you may need to opt for a more powerful generator – which may be more expensive to hire.

Providing power to a home might sound like a rather substantial job which would require a fairly large generator. However, this isn’t exactly the case and you will be surprised to know what kind of generator is best for home use is in fact a portable generator.

Though fairly short in height, what it makes up for is the running watts. Once powered, the starting watts of the portable generator will maintain its power output throughout its run time. Ensuring consistency throughout it being operational.

A portable generator is a rather popular type of generator due to its ability to provide overall home improvement in terms of power to your home. Therefore, we believe that it will be more than enough to complete the task at hand.

Regarding which generators are best to hire for events, there are several factors that you need to consider. The first of which is determining the power that will be used for said event. For instance, should you be planning for a specific outdoor event that is in a remote location (an outdoor wedding) for example – this will likely see the run time of the event finish late into the evening. Therefore, depending on your lighting situation, you will require a generator for your event that will reduce the risks of failing due to not being powerful enough.

As a result, we recommend some initial due diligence will be required as powering different types of events will require more power – and in turn, be more costly. For example, you should expect a generator that produces 7500 watts of power will be slightly more expensive than if you were to opt for a 3500-watt generator.

Often you will find that a portable generator will suffice, however, a diesel generator may also be an option in order for your event to run smoothly. Should you be hosting an outdoor sporting event, depending on the scale of it – a fairly low wattage generator might be a sufficient power source. This is subject to change depending on the scale of the event.

Should you be hosting an event that takes place outdoors, such as a wedding for example. You may be wondering what size generator do I need for my wedding? In essence, depending on the scale of your wedding will determine which generator you will need.

For example, if your wedding is in a rather secluded area that will require a large volume of power – the power factor with running watts should be at the forefront of your mind. Determining the power required will be the key factor.

If you are hiring music entertainment throughout the wedding, you should look to provide a kVA generator that can generate around 2400 watts.

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