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Last Week at Pleavin Power

New Service

In a bid to constantly stay ahead of the curve and achieve the best in everything we do, such as offering a refuelling service for customers, one thing that is highly common is the need for generator sets to be cleaned or radiators pressure washed. Wanting to take our service offering that one step further, we now offer on site diesel pressure washing, up to 3,000PSI with this Yanmar powered bowser.

Therefore, It is now very easy to remove the need for a water and power source on site to achieve cleaning in the first place. We can now also clean canopies, radiators, surrounding areas and other equipment as part of our attendance.

As we continue to grow, we are planning to introduce more and more services by Pleavin Power. Keep your eyes peeled!

Overhaul Process

Quality, Consistency and Pride is what we aim for in every single thing we deliver as a company, as a team and as an industry leader. As we are not afraid to show you what we do, we welcome everyone to come and see the process, watch the work or receive daily / hourly updates on the progress of works being done. This is just one of the many things we do to enhance the overhaul process.

For engines that have reached their overhaul hours, Pleavin Power offer a complete reconditioning service where we can ‘Zero Hour’ all components and accessories before commissioning and placing the system back in service. Occasionally, some systems require removal from the installation or customers machinery, in this case, it is delivered to our dedicated workshop where the work can be undertaken in a well-equipped environment.

Overhaul Process
Control System Update

Repairs and Upgrades

During the week, the team repaired the old school 2000 series in the workshop adding a new radiator and completing a control system upgrade.

Engines can often fail for a number of reasons, such as poor maintenance, poor fuel or poor operating conditions, the list is endless. When failure does occur, it is essential that the route cause can be identified so that any other adverse effects that may occur as a result of the failure can be identified, rectified and verified during the repair process to ensure no further issues develop as a direct result of the original failure. 

We have also been updating DC cranking battery storage while installing isolation to meet safety requirements for one of the clients. We had already done a number of these, however we were updating them to include removable DC keys.

Supply - Install - Maintain

On Monday morning, the team delivered 60 kVA generator and an extra fuel tank for one of the clients.

Apart from supply service of generators, Pleavin Power also offers support on new installations, complete design and service, commissioning and decommissioning, repairs, spares and site surveys. All of this with the option to offer the full turn-key and project management solution for seamless system installation. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how we can help you call our technical team on 0800 689 4803 or request a call from us.


Cummins CPG Range

Whether our customers are looking for prime, standby or critical power usage – we can ensure to offer the best solution. Last week, Pleavin Power introduced a new offering –  a wide selection of quality CPG Cummins diesel generators in sizes ranging from 22 kVA  to 550 kVA with additional services. Our new offer includes: 

  • FREE Full Tank of Fuel
  • 1 Year Free Service
  • HIAB Delivery
  • Installation Available
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Workshop Tour by Jack Pleavin

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