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The Importance of Backup Generator Servicing

The Importance of Backup Generator Servicing

When investing in a generator, you are ensuring that you have backup power for when you need it most – for example, a sudden power blackout in your area.

Any device is prone to breaking down over time, and generators are no exception – regardless of their reputation for being highly reliable pieces of equipment.

One of the main reasons why backup generators suddenly fail is that they have not been regularly serviced and maintained over time. In these crisis events, you need a reliable power source to rely on – and by regularly servicing your generator, you can ensure when the time comes that you need power, your backup generator is working perfectly.

A backup generator is the perfect source of power when times of crisis happen, whether you are powering an office space to keep work going or if you need to power your appliances in your home.

In the United Kingdom, there has been a massive rise in power outages occuring, and that is why many more people are starting to invest in backup generators – so that they can power their buildings during these times. As generators are a sizeable investment, it is only right that you look after them properly through generator servicing.

Generator maintenance is not only essential to the proper functioning of its system, but it can also seriously reduce the risk of potential damage and minimise the risk of injury to you and those around you. The last thing that you need to pay for is a hefty generator repair service when it could have been avoided by investing in high-quality generator servicing.

We’ve got our expert in-house team today to write about the importance of having to service your backup generator – this way you can ensure that your generator runs smoothly further down the line!


Save You Money Down The Line

One thing that we all love to do is save money and get the most out of purchases. While ignoring maintenance of your generator may save you a few pounds today, it will ultimately cost you more further down the line due to costly repairs that could have been sorted during your maintenance.

It is highly recommended that you do maintenance on your generator to save you money down the line such as changing fuel filters, replacing air filters and more.

If you attempt to ignore maintenance for an extended period of time then there is a chance that you could potentially have to replace your whole backup generator unit which could be costly.

Generator prices have seen a rise over the last few years and with the cost of living rising, the last thing you need to be paying for is repairs that could have been avoided.


Longer Back-Up Generator Lifespan

Unserviced generators will always have a shorter lifespan compared to those that are regularly maintained correctly. It can be a massive hassle having to constantly be on the lookout for new backup generators for you or your business.

It makes sense that you want to properly take care of your investment through servicing. Maintenance can make sure that your generator will be able to power you through times of crisis and keep running smoothly for years on end as if it was a brand-new backup generator!


Prevents Any Potential Fuel Problems

If your backup generator runs on diesel, then you will have to empty your fuel tank and refill it at least two times a year. The reason for this is that diesel fuel will degenerate over time – even more so if your backup generator isn’t currently being used. This is why it is an industry-standard that you drain your fuel system correctly to stop this from happening.

When you reach out for regular servicing for your generator, your fuel levels will be correctly checked and changed if necessary and that will ensure that you don’t run into any pesky fuel problems that could cause you trouble at a later date. Check out this helpful blog on how to store fuel for your generator.


Stop Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

If your internal combustion engine isn’t regularly serviced, then your backup generator is more prone to producing carbon monoxide – which is harmful and fatal if it is inhaled for an extended period.

When you have generator maintenance, our team will be able to see where your generator is positioned so that you aren’t producing any harmful fuels inside but make sure that it goes outside. Maintenance helps keep your backup generator clean which is also extremely helpful.


Prevents Any Generator Repairs

Back-up generators are highly reliable and can help you get through some really tough times. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest in any generator servicing and it is highly recommended that you have your backup generator maintained.

A lot of generators will not show any potential problems until it is too late and the generator won’t run anymore – and this will require you to reach out for costly generator repairs.

When you have your backup generator serviced, our team will be able to spot any potential problems that could arise and fix them there and then before they get worse.


Improve Your Generator Efficiency

To make sure that your backup generator is performing at high efficiency, you need to make sure that your generator is serviced. When serviced, all parts of your backup generator will be checked and then tested to ensure that nothing is wrong when it is running.

Systems can suffer from damage due to debris, dirt and more so they will need to be cleaned to stop that from happening. Having a more efficient generator will mean that you are not wasting fuel such as diesel too.



If you are looking to prolong your backup generator lifespan and save yourself money down the line, start investing in high-quality generator servicing by the team here at Pleavin Power.

At Pleavin Power, we are one of the highest-rated power generator companies in the United Kingdom and can offer top generator servicing at an affordable price so you can keep your backup generator in top condition.

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