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Understanding What A Planned Preventative Maintenance Is

Understanding What A Planned Preventative Maintenance Is

A generator like most things in the world is firstly an asset. It is often quite a valuable asset someone will own whether you are a business or an individual who wants to be ahead of any potential emergency blackouts. We want to make the most of our assets and get the best value for them plus focus on increasing it all together.

Organising regular PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) is crucial in making the generator hold its current value and making sure that it is always working at the best it can be with no breakdowns. Regular maintenance will ensure that your generator doesn’t slowly deteriorate over time due to people not caring for it.

PPM is one of the most effective and structured ways you can stomp out any minor issues before they increase into expensive jobs, creating a regular schedule will mean that you can stay ahead and not lose value on your generator assets.

Planned Preventative Maintenance is something that you need to focus on if you want to maintain the integrity of your asset and keep the value of your generator, by doing PPM you can create a safe environment for everyone and be efficient for a long period of time.

Not only is it focused on helping generators maintain their value for as long as possible but it also makes sure that doing a power outage your generator which is supposed to be highly dependable and is when looked after correctly stops working in the time that you need it!

Creating a planned maintenance schedule should be done by generator companies such as Pleavin Power and is often done on a weekly or monthly basis.

It is recommended that planned maintenance on something as complex as a generator should be done by trained professionals who are able to spot any likely errors and can help fix them there and then before the problem worsens.

We’ve written this article today to help people learn more about what Planned Preventative Maintenance is and we will dive deeper into the amazing benefits that come with creating a regular PPM schedule for your generator.


What Is PPM?

As you already know by reading earlier in the article that PPM stands for Planned Preventative Maintenance or people normally just refer to it as simply ‘scheduled maintenance.’

It is a motivating approach for people in the property sector to create an effective schedule that handles any maintenance work. Throughout the maintenance check, they will keep a file on what they have done in the check and what needs to be looked at.

This was created to help maintain the generator’s value whether that’d be a standby generator or a diesel generator and preserve its current condition & even improve on it and avoid any pesky failures that may arise making it a safer environment for people using the generator.

PPM depending on your generator can be done either on a weekly basis or a monthly basis, a generator specialist will be able to tell you how regularly you will need maintenance running on it.

This could depend on a variety of reasons from the generator’s model, how long you’ve been using your generator and the power you have been using it at.


Benefits Of PPM

One of the biggest reasons why people utilise PPM is that is the best and most effective way to detect any potential problems inside or outside the generator and they can identify them and then fix them accordingly before they turn worse which can help significantly cut back on any costs that you may have to pay.

By something as simple as a routine maintenance check you can get a massive financial benefit, this means that it’s something that shouldn’t be a luxury but it should be a necessity for any generator owner that wants to maintain their asset.

There are many other great benefits that come with a PPM for you such as:

  1. Following health and safety guidelines: regular inspections make it so that you aren’t potentially putting yourself or your staff in danger by operating a generator with issues. There are many guidelines a company needs to follow and even the guidelines set by the generator manufacturer to avoid losing the warranty on it.
  2. Lesser risk of major repair work: getting regular maintenance work on your generator is crucial in avoiding shelling out any major repair work such as a breakdown. Saving financial costs such as repairs or even worse having to purchase a new generator will be able to help you put money back into your business to make it grow.
  3. Keeps the value of your generator: Most generators on the market cost a lot of money to purchase so like anything that costs us a certain amount of money we want to preserve the cost and keep it in tip-top condition, regular maintenance allows this to happen.
  4. One of the misconceptions that people have when it comes to organising regular PPM for your generator is that it costs too much for a ‘simple’ job. However, you run a higher risk of not spotting any potential risks of your generator and there is a much higher chance that it will break down in the long run due to lack of care.



Regular inspections through PPM help individuals and businesses spot any potential problems that can cause your generator to break down.

There are many parts outside and inside a generator that will require special attention when inspecting that many people who aren’t qualified to inspect generators could potentially miss such as batteries, coolants and many more.

When companies such as Pleavin Power run regular maintenance and servicing checks on clients’ generators they will be able to recommend and replace parts that need replacing to maintain the value of your generator.

Doing these maintenance check-ups, everything will be documented and logged while being kept to a high standard so they will know about the history of your generator in future routine PPMs.

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