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Why Diesel Generators Need Regular Maintenance

Why Diesel Generators Need Regular Maintenance

There has been a significant rise in people purchasing diesel generators over the last couple of years and it is no surprise. Diesel generators are extremely handy pieces of equipment, they’re a great option in the event of a sudden power outage – making an ideal power source.

If you are in an area that suffers from blackouts, whether it’d be from extreme weather conditions, planned maintenance or more, then you could benefit from owning a diesel generator to have on standby whenever the time comes.

People do not just use generators for personal use as many businesses need a generator in order to power their workplace and if a situation comes up where there is no power, the business could lose money plus time while they wait for a power source.

Even though they are super reliable pieces of equipment when used, you must understand that like anything in the world that it comes with the risk of breaking down but there is a way you can prevent your generator from ever needing repairs or being replaced.

By giving your diesel generator regular maintenance, you’ll be able to quickly discover any potential underlying problems and you’ll be able to keep your diesel generator working at its highest level.

We’ve written this article for you today to go deep into why diesel generators need regular maintenance and the amazing benefits that you will get when you set aside a little time throughout the month to do maintenance checks for your diesel generator.


To Spot Generator Problems Early

Though generators are known for being durable, reliable and long-lasting – you can guarantee a much healthier and longer lifespan by making sure they undergo regular maintenance.

The first benefit that we always like to say when doing generator maintenance is that you are always able to spot potential problems early. Any problems that are spotted doing regular maintenance, will be able to quickly sort there and then before the situation worse such as your generator stopping working altogether.

By getting ahead of the game early through regular maintenance, by spotting problems early you are also saving money as generator repair costs can add up but spotting minor ones before they grow into something bigger will save you a lot of money in the long run.


Keep Your Generator Running Smoothly

When doing regular generator maintenance – the expert team on hand that is assigned to maintain your generator will always have a checklist that they will run through that makes sure that the important parts of your diesel generator are fine so that your generator can keep running smoothly without any problems.

These parts will be anything from:

  • Engine Speed
  • Generators’ Oil And Fluid Levels
  • Air Filters
  • Oil Filters
  • Belts, Lines, Hoses, Connectors
  • Generators Control Panel
  • Cooling System
  • Exhaust System


Plus other parts.

By regularly checking these parts, you can guarantee that your generator will be at its most effective and performing efficiently.


Stop Potential Diesel Fuel Problems

If your generator runs on diesel fuel, you probably already know that diesel fuel deteriorates over a certain period of time even more so if you do not use your generator on a frequent enough basis.

That is why it is an industry-standard that you have your diesel fuel tank emptied and refilled at least twice a year, maybe more depending on the amount that you use your diesel generator.

By getting regular maintenance done to your diesel generator, your diesel fuel levels will be checked correctly and then drained and supplied if need be. This means that you can stop any potential fuel problems from ever coming up that could damage your generator.


Saves Money And Time

When you ask someone ‘what is the most important thing on earth?’, the answer is usually either time or money. If you are someone that owns a diesel generator and uses it on a regular basis, the last thing you want to be doing is paying hefty generator repairs that will set you back and furthermore waste time when you could have got regular maintenance on your diesel generator.

We understand that there is some short-term gain in ignoring generator maintenance fees but in the long run – you’ll be paying for generator repairs that could have been sorted for a much cheaper price through maintenance months back. Basic maintenance tasks such as replacing fuel filters, inspecting control systems, draining the coolant and much more keep your generator in its top condition.


Longer Lifespan

Diesel generators can be a very costly piece of equipment so it only makes sense that you want to look after your investment and get the full worth out of it.

Generators that are not maintained on a regular basis, often have a much shorter lifespan compared to generators that are regularly maintained and looked after.

You do not want to have to be looking on the market for another diesel generator soon after when getting regular maintenance ensures that you will see the full money of your investment.


Increases Generator Efficiency

When you get proper regular maintenance done on your diesel generator, all the parts of your generator are thoroughly inspected and then cleaned if there is any build-up of dirt or debris that could decrease the efficiency of your generator.

There will be tests as well on how your generator is running this is to make sure that it is running at its most efficient – if there are any signs that it is not then the issue will be found and then fixed.



Through regular diesel generator maintenance, you will make sure that your generator reaches its full lifespan while running at its full capability, ensuring that you get your full investment on what you spent on your diesel generator.

If you are looking to get regular maintenance done on your diesel generator then reach out to the friendly support team here at Pleavin Power, we successfully help and maintain hundreds of generators on a monthly basis for happy clients all across the UK.

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