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What’s Involved In An Emergency Generator Service

What's Involved In An Emergency Generator Service

Generator servicing is one of the most important aspects in terms of generator maintenance. When you are running a generator whether that’d only be once a year or using it regularly. Service checks should be carried out if you want to retain the value of your generator and keep it in the best condition it can be.

A lot of generator servicing will be pre-planned beforehand and you will have a set time and date when a generator servicing company will come to visit and service your equipment but sometimes you might need to get your generator serviced in an emergency to help identify any potential faults or if you feel your generator is about to suffer from a breakdown.

Generator maintenance such as generator servicing will require the eyes and hands of someone who is qualified in dealing with these pieces of equipment whether that’d be a standby generator, diesel generator or portable generator.

They are very complex pieces of equipment that have many parts & features that only specialists will be able to tell you if they need to be replaced. We highly recommend that you shouldn’t undertake any servicing by yourself in case you suffer any potential injuries from the generator.

There is a misconception that generator servicing isn’t needed but it is one of the main ways you can avoid your generator failing when you need it the most in an emergency. It will help save money down the line as you’ve spotted any potential problems before it gets worse.

When you reach out for an emergency generator service to a company such as Pleavin Power, we will first listen to your current situation and assess what the problems may be then will arrange to come to visit the place your generator is currently at whether that’d be at work or a household generator.

Before we start on what you can expect from an emergency generator servicing, there are some recommendations from manufacturers that you are recommended to follow as a minimum:

  • Current Fluid Levels Are Checked Plus Sampled
  • Fluids Replaced Either 500 Hours Of Use Or Done Every Three Years
  • Engine Valve Lash Adjustment Once Operated After 250 Hours Then 500 Hours
  • Fuel, Oil, Air and Auxiliary System Filter To Be Replaced Every Six Months
  • Drive, Auxiliary and Fan Belts To Be Adjusted Or Replaced Every Three Years
  • Replacement Of The Engine’s Thermostats And Seals Every Three Years.

And many more.


Generator Servicing Process

As we spoke about before, generator servicing is a complex process which requires specialist hands to make sure the whole process is done correctly as there are many different models on the market from various brands.

You should be reaching out to companies with experience in dealing with different brands of generators. There may be different types of processes depending on your current situation, at the start of the servicing process.

Specialists will assess your current system, and once assessed they will offer any support needed and showcase the areas of concern.

The Generator Servicing Process will involve:

  • Fluid Sampling To Check Current Health And Fuel Quality
  • Tripping Battery Testing
  • Switchgear Maintenance
  • System Functionality Testing
  • Black-Building Simulation
  • Software Updates For Primary And Auxiliary Control Systems

What is the next stage in servicing?

  • Replacing all the engine fuels.
  • Testing Cranking Batteries And Fuel Systems.
  • Checking Alternator Winding Insulation And Main Rotor Condition.
  • Replacing Components As Per OEM Recommendations.

When that is done, there will be a functional system test, mains failure and load test completed. When all this is done, make sure that your generator is up to a benchmark standard.


Standby Generator Servicing

The industry standard overtime for servicing Standby Generators is to complete one minor and one major service.

Standby Generators having to be available at all times in case of an emergency can sometimes pose an issue as they must be hitting certain set points and levels to their readiness so they can successfully support you during any outages.

We believe this standard is completely outdated and it doesn’t work just servicing and doing maintenance on a standby generator twice a year. It’s simply not enough time to inspect and complete relevant servicing tasks.

If you have an older Standby model they are a higher chance of it failing plus a lot of systems will not alert you on any potential problems whereas newer models can alert you and make you able to recognise any problems.

Being industry specialists in generators, we see this mistake far too often which is just downright poor generator servicing. By delivering regular servicing and correct maintenance levels, you can make sure you avoid any potential breakdowns for your generator.


Benefits Of An Emergency Generator Servicing

Leaving your generator unattended for a certain period with no servicing and maintenance there are a range of risks that come with such as fuel problems, shorter lifespan of the generator and many more.

Reaching out for an emergency generator service, you will be able to identify any problems that could arise and sort them out immediately, once you have done your emergency servicing. You will be able to arrange a time and date for your next maintenance check.

These are some of the benefits you will get from getting your generator serviced:

  • Smooth Functioning
  • Prevents Fuel Problems
  • Longer Lifespan
  • Increases Efficiency
  • Saves You Time & Money


Putting off this kind of service can also be dangerous in terms of health and safety as a faulty generator can seriously harm yourself or an employee if it is not looked at correctly.

Finding a generator service company can seem like a difficult task as there are many when you search but here at Pleavin Power, we’ve built up a reputation across the United Kingdom for providing clients with high-quality generator servicing.

All of our servicing will be held to the Pleavin Power standard which goes above and beyond to make sure that your generator stays in tip-top condition.

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