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Which Brand Of Generator Is Best For Purchase?

Which Brand Of Generator Is Best For Purchase?

Whether you are heading to a family camping or planning ahead in case of the need for an emergency power supply. A generator is an amazing piece of equipment that gives you power when you desire it.

That’s why there has been rising popularity in homeowners purchasing portable generators and businesses having standby generators so they are prepared for any worst-case scenarios.

Throughout the UK there is a chance that you could suffer from a power outage throughout the year, this could be for a number of reasons but you can be safe in the mind that you can face these challenges with a power generator.

Some businesses can not afford to lose power for a certain period of time as it could cost them hundreds of pounds and even lose potential clients & customers so many opt to have a standby generator installed in case the worst happens.

When you’ve had no experience with generators from the outside it can look complex and hard to pick what generator will be best for you in your situation.

It’s important that you take into consideration what generator would suit your needs as some generator brands might have better models on the market than other brands based on different situations the generators are used for.

Are you looking to power appliances for your entire business or are you just looking for a generator to help power some appliances inside your household? It’s best to have this in mind before you look into purchasing a generator from one of these brands.

Here at Pleavin Power, we are one of the United Kingdom’s leading authorities on generators so we’ve written this article today to list what brand of generator is best for purchase.

These are some of the most popular and repeatable brands when it comes to generators and we recommend if you are in the market to purchase a generator, you choose from one of these brands.



Cummins Generators are one of the leading generator manufacturers in the world, in their own words they are ‘engineering the next generation of power systems.’ They are considered to be one of the best in the world in terms of the value of money even with their slightly pricey models.

The reason these generators are considered to be one of the best value for money is that they are heavily focused on being reliable equipment and long-life durability.

They are also highly efficient when they are running, people love Cummins due to the fact that they can run their generator for a long period of time during any time you suffer from a power outage, it will run using a lot less fuel than some of its competitors.

They recently released a plan called ‘PLANET 2025’ which seems Cummins looks all the way to 2050 in the future to create a massive positive impact on the communities that they operate in which sees them try to achieve carbon neutrality in all Cummins operations and facilities.

Cummins Generator also comes with load management that helps deal with how much power it can give you, the generator has the ability to know whether it can power additional appliances inside your house and it won’t attempt to overload itself or even under load itself.



The second choice on our list is another top-quality generator brand called Pramac which also has built up a solid reputation over time due to its high-quality standards and efficiency which they have kept up since all the way back in 1966 when the Campinoti family created a construction equipment company.

Pramac Generators has now grown to be a massive global operation by having many manufacturing plants across Europe, Asia and even South America.

It is now seen in over 150 countries across the world due to them being able to produce a massive range of products that satisfy customers worldwide by giving them their energy needs based on the situation.

These generators are more suited to leisure-type settings such as camping and any other recreational activities that need to be powered but they have even found success in powering people’s homes when needed.

They focus on three philosophies which make them one of the favourites amongst generator suppliers which are versatility, consistent performance and high security. You can find many Pramac models on the market such as diesel generators, portable generators and standby generators.


Honda Generators

A name that you might have heard before as they are a household name due to their cars but they are also highly rated in the generator world and very popular amongst buyers. The reason for this is that they are extremely durable, have great design and are reliable in times of crisis.

They are constantly looking for ways to improve on their models which gives them some cool features that you may not find with other brands of generators and it means that every year the quality of their generators is constantly improving.

Much like Cummins Generators, Honda Generators are also extremely efficient when it comes to fuel. This will cut back fuel costs plus reduce any nasty emissions which is why many eco fanatics will purchase Honda Generators. These generators are built to last for a long period of time.

Honda Generators are one of the quietest when they are in operation which makes them perfect if you want to power your appliances in a domestic setting or while on a trip.

While its portable generator may look a lot smaller than some generators on the market, it is very mighty with its features and innovations that allow you to have clean and friendly power.



These are three of our favourite generator brands that are all great in their own rights. All of these generators will get the job depending on what your situation is.

If you are still unsure about what generator brand to purchase, here at Pleavin Power we have an expert support team that can listen to your current needs & budget and help you find the correct brand of the generator to purchase based on your needs. Alternatively, if you are looking to purchase a generator, you can do so by browsing our extensive generator selection. Should you be after spare parts for your Cummins generator, you are in luck!

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