Fully-Automatic System Operation 24/7

Continuous Monitoring of Generator’s Conditions

Notification of Mains Failure & Generator Operations

Confirmation of The Successful Test Run

Fully-Automatic Low Fuel Warning

Pleavin Power’s new and revolutionary remote monitoring system: GenStream

Genstream connects your power systems with our remote real time servers allowing engineers and service managers to monitor real time usage, provide remote diagnostic support and plan routine servicing and maintenance based on real time data.

The GenStream programme is unique with an IOT based solution that is powered from multiple AC sources with a DC UPS back up. In applications where engine run time is limited, we can even introduce solar power that can trickle charge the DC UPS during periods of minimum usage.

The benefit of the GenStream system means we will maintain consistent visibility of machines health, operational status & service requirements allowing service visits and repairs to be planned ahead of time, on-time and minimising disruption to your operations. The system data logs all manor of parameters as well of providing a whole host of real time data during operation, utilising the system also means in the event of an unexpected failure we will have visibility of the controller data log allowing us to offer remote advice and support to determine the route cause.

GenStream gives you 24/7 real time data, including fuel usage, load, engine hours and alarms should any issues arise. Monitored by engineers who care and will offer immediate response and support to any failure around the clock.

Once a week, GenStream automatically starts your generator and runs it for 10 minutes, checking vital operating parameters such as; voltage, frequency, oil and water temperature, battery condition, emergency stop and fuel levels. After the test a full condition report is sent to Pleavin Power’s Remote monitoring centre via phone line or GSM upload. You can also choose to receive SMS or voicemail reports sent to nominated numbers.

If your standby generators are in action, or you’re using prime power generators equipped with GenStream, you get 24-hour monitoring, 365 days a year.