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Which Portable Generators Are The Best?

Which Portable Generators Are The Best

There has been a growing rise of people in the past years purchasing portable generators and it is no surprise as they are a reliable handy piece of equipment that can be used for several things.

If you experience frequent power cuts in your area, it can be annoying for your life to stop but having a portable generator on hand you can power certain appliances that can help get you through the period.

Not only are they extremely handy when it comes to emergencies but many people purchase portable generators for recreational activities like family camping trips, outdoor parties and many more. Keeping one on hand means that you can prepare yourself for any situation and even help out any friends if need be!

The problem many people have when purchasing a portable generator is knowing which one is the best for them. We’ve come across many portable generators in our time and used a lot of them, so we’ve written this article here today to give our opinion on what we believe to be the best portable generators on the market currently.

When googling for portable generators, you may come across many brands now creating generators that aren’t really up to standard, that’s why our team here have cut through all the noise to provide you with high-quality generator brands that produce top-rated portable generators.

When dealing with portable generators, there are many factors that you have to take into consideration when you are purchasing one. From the fuel, size, power and many more.

We can help save you time and effort if you are looking on the market for a portable generator by reaching out to our friendly support team we can understand your situation & budget and then help guide you to the right portable generator that suits you perfectly while being affordable in your price range.


Cummins Onan P2500i

Cummins is one of the most reliable names in the generator industry, having hundreds of years of experience in dealing with the power and heavy industry.

They have recently dipped their toes though into creating portable generators and have started offering a small selection under the name ‘Onan.’ The Onan P25000i Inverted Generator has been designed to be able to carry it and used anywhere you go, mainly used for electronics, camping, tailgating and many more.

Its design includes a gasoline-fueled 98 cc (3.4 hp) Ducar OHV 4-stroke engine. It has a running wattage of 2200W and a maximum wattage of 2500W with a 120V output and it is also a parallel capable so that it can be linked to another unit if need be if you are requiring more power.

It has known to be a quiet generator which is why it is perfect for your family camping trip with a noise rating of 52 dBA – a traditional pull-start technique is used to start the inverter generator. Its fuel capacity of 1 gallon means that you can run this handy powerful generator for up to 10 hours if you have a full tank.

The device weighs just 48 lbs meaning that it can easily be moved and that you can enjoy the power on the go. Its handle has been moulded onto the case meaning that you can carry it without any hassle advancing its already super convenience.

We have a range of Cummins generators that are ready for sale or that you can hire from us.


Pramac P35000i

The Pramac P35000i has been praised by many generator experts as being extremely reliable while remaining economical for the average person for what it can do.

This powerful compact portable generator offers up to 3500kVA effortlessly not only can use this portable generator recreationally but it has found much use on work sites to help power tools.

You can use this portable generator to power appliances in your home as well if you are suffering from any unwanted power outage to keep the family happy. With its compact size and low sound levels, it is a market leader among people looking to purchase a reliable & safe portable generator.

It has a fuel tank of 9.8L meaning you can get some good run-time on it while it still being surprisingly light weighing in at 49.5kg, with its easy-to-use configuration.

This portable generator is suitable for a beginner looking to purchase their first generator, it’s easy and safe to use with an electric key start and recoil start. You can start this portable generator for the first time asking, no problem!


Honda EU10I 1.0kw Portable Generator

A name that you might have heard as they are a worldwide motor company but along with cars, they also produce high-quality portable generators. A favourite amongst buyers is the Honda EU10I 1.0kw Portable Generator and for good reasons as well!

This portable generator is compact, lightweight and ultra-quiet meaning it is ideal if you are planning to take & use your generator in a confined space where people may complain about the noise. You are able as well to produce super-clean power meaning it is not harmless to those around you and the planet!

Weighing just 13kg, it is a lot less heavy than other portable generators that we’ve listed, it can deliver 1000W of clean, quiet electricity and has a 2.3l fuel tank so while it may not be able to run longer or produce as much energy as the other portable generators. It is mainly to power a few appliances on the go or keeps light items running on your camping trips.

This portable generator cuts out any hassle you may have when trying to transport a portable generator from one place to another and it’s incredibly quiet as well it keeps noise to just 52dB which is just like a quiet small business office so you won’t have any noise complaints using this!

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