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Which Portable Generators Are The Best?

Which Portable Generators Are The Best

Power outages can strike unexpectedly in places where electricity is vital, which makes having a reliable portable generator can make all the difference. Portable generators come in various sizes, types, and power capacities, making it crucial to choose the right one to meet your specific needs.

With a plethora of options available in the market, determining which portable generators stand out as the best can be a daunting task. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the key factors to consider when selecting a portable generator and highlight some of the top contenders in the market.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Portable Generator

When dealing with portable generators, there are many factors that you have to take into consideration when you are purchasing one. From the fuel, size, power output and much more. No matter which generator you choose, our team will be able to provide guidance and advice throughout every step of the way. If you are interested in hiring any of our specialist generators, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Power Output

The wattage output of a generator determines the number and types of appliances it can power simultaneously. Assess your power needs by listing the essential appliances and tools you’ll need to run during an outage or in remote locations. Consider both the starting and running wattage requirements of each device to ensure the generator can handle the load.


Fuel Type

Portable generators are commonly powered by gasoline, propane, or diesel. Gasoline generators are widely available and offer easy refuelling, but they require proper fuel storage and can be less efficient.

Propane generators are cleaner-burning and provide longer shelf life for fuel storage, making them suitable for long-term emergency preparedness. Diesel generators offer better fuel efficiency and durability but may require more maintenance.


Runtime and Fuel Efficiency

Look for generators with longer runtimes on a full tank of fuel, especially if you anticipate extended power outages. Consider generators equipped with fuel-efficient engines and features like idle control or eco-mode to conserve fuel during lighter loads.


Portability and Mobility

Since the main advantage of portable generators is their ability to be moved easily, you should consider factors like weight, size, and portability features such as built-in handles or wheels. Compact and lightweight designs are ideal for camping, RVing, or tailgating, while heavier-duty generators may require additional assistance for transportation.


What Are Some of the Best Portable Generators?

Portable generators are some of the best ways for you to have extra power wherever you are, whether you plan on a camping trip or perhaps an outdoor event.

Our team can help save you time and effort if you are looking on the market for a portable generator. We take the time to understand your situation and budget and can help guide you to the right portable generator that suits you perfectly while being affordable in your price range.


Cummins Onan P2500i

Cummins is one of the most reliable names in the generator industry, having hundreds of years of experience in dealing with the power and heavy industry. The Onan P25000i Inverted Generator has been designed to be carried and used anywhere you go, mainly for electronics, camping, tailgating and much more.

Its design includes a gasoline-fueled 98 cc (3.4 hp) Ducar OHV 4-stroke engine. It has a running wattage of 2200W and a maximum wattage of 2500W with a 120V output and it is also a parallel capable so that it can be linked to another unit if need be if you are requiring more power.

It is known to be a quiet generator which is why it is perfect for your family camping trip with a noise rating of 52 dBA – a traditional pull-start technique is used to start the inverter generator. Its fuel capacity of 1 gallon means that you can run this handy powerful generator for up to 10 hours if you have a full tank.


Pramac P35000i

The Pramac P35000i has been praised by many generator experts as being extremely reliable while remaining economical for the average person for what it can do. This powerful compact portable generator offers up to 3500kVA effortlessly not only can use this portable generator recreationally but it has found much use on work sites to help power tools.

You can use this portable generator to power appliances in your home as well if you are suffering from any unwanted power outage to keep the family happy. With its compact size and low sound levels, it is a market leader among people looking to purchase a reliable & safe portable generator.

It has a fuel tank of 9.8L meaning you can get some good run-time on it while it still being surprisingly light weighing in at 49.5kg, with its easy-to-use configuration. This portable generator is suitable for a beginner looking to purchase their first generator, it’s easy and safe to use with an electric key start and recoil start.


Honda EU10I 1.0kw Portable Generator

A name that you might have heard as they are a worldwide motor company but along with cars, they also produce high-quality portable generators. A favourite amongst buyers is the Honda EU10I 1.0kw Portable Generator and for good reasons as well!

This portable generator is compact, lightweight and ultra-quiet meaning it is ideal if you are planning to take & use your generator in a confined space where people may complain about the noise. You are able as well to produce super-clean power meaning it is not harmless to those around you and the planet!

Weighing just 13kg, it is a lot less heavy than other portable generators that we’ve listed, it can deliver 1000W of clean, quiet electricity and has a 2.3l fuel tank so while it may not be able to run longer or produce as much energy as the other portable generators. It is mainly to power a few appliances on the go or keep light items running on your camping trips.



Choosing the best portable generator involves evaluating your specific power needs, considering factors such as power output, fuel type, portability, noise level, and safety features.

While there are numerous options available in the market, the Honda EU2200i, Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel Generator, Westinghouse WGen7500, Briggs & Stratton P2200, and DuroMax XP12000EH stand out as top contenders, offering reliability, versatility, and performance across various applications.

By carefully assessing your requirements and comparing features, you can select the portable generator that best suits your needs for emergency backup power, outdoor recreation, or job site use.

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