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Last Week at Pleavin Power

Overhaul and Load Testing


Over the last week, the team has been working on the poorly kept 350 kVA FG Wilson unit. It has undergone extensive Repairs of electrical and mechanical systems before going through our rigorous load testing regime. From Inspection phase at the workshop, through to repairs and reassembly, it is now ready for a new life. 

For engines that have reached their overhaul hours, Pleavin Power offer a complete reconditioning service where we can ‘Zero Hour’ all components and accessories before commissioning and placing the system back in service. When systems require removal from the installation or customers machinery, it is delivered to our dedicated workshop where the work can be undertaken in a well-equipped environment.

Supply and Servicing


The team had a long day last Saturday with a 4:30am start on the site and getting the project underway. The 170kVA machine, 3000L tank and power system, were designed and delivered in house, from inception to completion in under seven days. 

Around the clock Fuel Management services at Pleavin Power keeping assets running and tanks full. Our technical team also offers a Remote monitoring service to make the process effortless without constantly keeping an eye on system fuel levels. We have a range of fuel tanks in stock, ready to rock!

Supply and Service

Emergency Power Supply

Whatever the issue, our unique Emergency Response service help the businesses bounce back fast and effectively. Last week, the team provided an emergency power for a few local business. Firstly, a 30 kVA has been deployed to support a small residential property during refurbishment works after the mains supply cable was damaged. During the week, the team also delivered additional power to a local bakery, which suffered an outage. From phone call to install under 45 minutes, we act when you need us. 

Our emergency power services line is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We asses the situation, create a plan, deliver and install the emergency power equipment needed to get things running again. 

For Hire

From Fuel Management to Temporary and Emergency power requirements, we offer the complete turnkey solution. 

Last week, we received new stock of Generators for Hire, which help to keep your business running day and night. We can combine our diesel generators in different ways to deliver the exact amount of power for your site. Whether you need reliable back-up power, standby, prime power or a load testing service, we will help you get the job done as our generator hire equipment are ready for you to utilise.


Cummins Stock

New Cummins Stock

Whether our customers are looking for prime, standby or critical power usage – we can ensure to offer the best solution. Pleavin Power has introduced a new offering –  a wide selection of quality CPG Cummins diesel generators in sizes ranging from 22 kVA to 1607 kVA. Our offer includes: 

  • Free Full Tank of Fuel (Terms & Conditions apply)
  • HIAB Delivery Available (Additional cost)
  • Trailer Delivery Available (Additional cost)
  • Installation Available (Additional cost)
  • Additional Fuel Tank Available (Additional cost)

Our team is available 24/7 on : 0800 689 4803


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