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Alternator Overhauls, Repairs and Rewinds

Reconditioning & Overhauls of rotating machinery as an extended approved Mecc Alte Service Partner 

During a generator’s operational life, it will require intervention to maintain performance and mechanical integrity. The generators operating environment can have a detrimental effect on insulation resistance if it is to become contaminated with airborne debris and moisture and in worst case scenarios cause total winding failure. 

Another common source of contamination for generator alternators is when the engine’s main crank seal fails, this can cause the same effect whereby the insulation breaks down and the oil is absorbed into the machine’s windings. When the windings become low this can cause unstable voltage production, nuisance tripping or total machine failure.

In the event that contamination, low insulation resistance or operating hours overhaul is reached most stuff can be repaired by completing a series of steps to return the machine back to an operational condition this includes-

  • Wash & Stove Processing
  • Mechanical Reworking 
  • Replacement Bearings
  • OEM Measurement and specification of winding integrity can be met

In the event that the above processes do not recover the machine back to a safe operating condition we can offer a complete rewinding service, replacing all the internal copper, winding structure and insulation to return the machine to as new condition however sometimes in certain applications and sizes of machines this can be uneconomical to undertake.

At this stage due to being an approved Mecc Alte service agent we can supply a replacement unit from stock or manufacture one to order.


Why choose us?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Pleavin Power for your Generator repair needs, and we’ve chosen to summarise a few of the main ones below.

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The reasons mentioned above are only a few of the main reasons to choose Pleavin Power for your Generator repair needs. We firmly believe that we should be your first and only port of call for Repair, Response & Emergency Support, anywhere in the UK. Complete and utter customer satisfaction is something that we strive to achieve day after day, which is why we are always going the extra mile for our clients.

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