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Generator Hire Derby

If you aren’t quite ready to purchase a generator outright as you may only need it just then the most sensible option would be to reach out to our team to help you hire a generator in the Derby area.

Our generator hire service is ideal for those who are needing a generator for a scheduled amount of time and not on a permanent basis – this could be if you are planning to use it for a planned job or have been told you will experience blackouts while maintenance is going on in your area.

You could be requiring a generator for a week or even a month, we make sure that you can hire out our generators for the right amount of time needed with our flexible long-term and short-term contracts.

From standby generators to generator equipment, we’ve got you covered. The generators that we have available are all of the highest quality and in top condition plus regularly serviced and maintained by our expert staff here at Pleavin Power.

There is no need to worry about creating high noise pollution as the generators here are quiet plus fuel-efficient. We’ll be able as well to supply you with a high range of fuel tanks that is able to increase your run-time of the generator and transfer panels so that there is completely no risk of downtime.

Our friendly team here at Pleavin Power is always on hand to help guide you to help you hire the ideal generator for your situation and budget. Please contact us today so that we can get your generator up and running in no time.

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Generator Servicing Derby

If you own a generator regardless of what model you have, it’s massively important that you are getting your generator regularly serviced and maintained by qualified & experienced hands, that’s where our team can help keep your generator in its top condition and keep it running smoothly without any underlying problems.

Generator servicing is needed as our crew can identify the ins & outs of your generator to see any issues that could possibly arise if left which can lead to you paying hundreds or thousands for a repair and in some cases, having to purchase a new generator altogether. By getting your generator regularly serviced, you will save yourself a lot of money plus time in the long run.

Generators are made up of a lot of moving parts meaning they are extremely complex to those with no experience or training so any servicing that is done on your generator should be done by those who are qualified and trained like the Pleavin Power group to avoid any potential serious damage to either your generator or yourself.

Our generator servicing and maintenance service involve a lot of aspects such as mains failure tests, load tests and functional system tests. Then we will see if engine filters need changing or fluid level checking. It’s an industry standard that your fuel filters should be changed every year or after 500 hours of operation so if you are approaching a time that your fuel filters need to be replaced we will be able to do this for you.

When servicing & doing maintenance we make sure that all the equipment is benchmarked up to our high standard and make sure that it hits our SLA agreements. The SLA agreements that you accept with us will involve regular servicing whether that’d be on a weekly or monthly basis which will include everything from periodic sampling to functional testing.

Generator Repair Derby

By using our generator servicing, it’s highly unlikely that you will require a full-on repair for your generator as we will be able to see the problem & sort it before it gets worse but if you need a generator repair as soon as possible in the Derby area then we have got you covered.

Generators like anything are prone to the odd breakdown and will need to be repaired, this can be for a number of reasons from overuse all the way to your fuel filters being blocked – the best thing to do is get your generator repaired before it gets worse.

There are many different types of generators that you can purchase e.g. diesel generators, biofuel generators, gas generators and many more. That means that different generators will require separate care when it comes to repairing them. That’s why generator repairs should only be done by those who are fully qualified in fixing them to ensure that they can run smoothly again and not further the damage.

If you aren’t currently complying with your manufacturer’s guidelines you run the risk of losing your warranty so make sure that you are using a qualified team like the one here at Pleavin Power who can ensure that your warranty doesn’t become void.

Do not delay when you notice your generator needing a repair as you can end up making the issue a lot worse plus even more costly by leaving you out of pocket – contact our team today and we’ll be able to successfully repair your generator in the Derby region as soon as possible!

Generators For Sale Derby

We don’t only just hire out generators to people in Derby but we also have a range of generators available for sale. Generators are extremely handy and many people are starting to straight-up purchase generators to have just incase of any potential emergencies as standby generators are always there in case of any downtime that power as soon as it recognises your power is down meaning it is perfect for those who can’t afford to have any downtime.

Not only do we just have generators for sale but we have the necessary fuel tanks plus generator equipment that can help increase efficiency and make it run even smoother. If you are unsure about what generator would be best for your current situation, we have a friendly sales team who can help you make the right purchase for your budget.