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We understand that people aren’t ready to fully commit to investing in a power generator – or they may only need a generator for a fixed period – so it doesn’t make much sense in purchasing it for a one-off event. With our high-quality cost-effective generator hire service in Norwich, we can get you a generator and have it up and running in no time.

Generators are highly reliable pieces of equipment that can be used for several different reasons but one of the main reasons why people use generators is when they are experiencing a lack of power such as an emergency power outage in the area. 

With a generator, you can power your appliances and go about your life without being affected by a lack of power. Many homeowners seek out generators as it allows them to power their home during testing times, plus they can stop any potential emergencies happening such as your freezer losing power causing mini-floods or food spoiling. Ultimately, generator hire can help save stress, time and money.

Whether you need a generator for a week or a month, we’ve got you covered. With a full range of top generators in all different types of models and sizes, we make sure that you get the ideal generator for your situation. If you are in an area that requires low-volume noises, there is no need to worry as we’ve got generators with noise-reducing capabilities.

Not only can we provide you with generators but if you need the necessary equipment such as power lock connectors that offer you a more secure connection – we have generator equipment available to hire as well.

The expert team here at Pleavin Power can help advise you on the perfect generator for your current needs, get in touch with us today and we can get your generator up and running in the Norwich area in no time.

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Generator Servicing Norwich

Generator servicing is a crucial component of keeping your generator in the best condition it can be in while remaining efficient and running smoothly with no problems. 

If you have a generator, then it is important that you get generator maintenance servicing – one reason is that if you fail to get your generator regular servicing then you could potentially breach the manufacturer’s warranty guidelines that you were given when you purchase your generator which could leave you seriously out of pocket in the future.

With high-quality generator servicing, we can successfully identify any potential underlying problems with your generator and fix them there and then. 

Generators should not be serviced by anyone that is not qualified or experienced in dealing with generators as you could potentially further damage the generator or harm yourself so contact our team here at Pleavin Power and we’ll be able to service your generator correctly.

There are many different processes that we follow here to keep your generator at a high standard which includes a variety of tests such as mains failure, load tests and functional system tests. 

There are many different generator models on the market: gas generators, diesel generators, hybrid generators and more which means that they will all require different types of care. No matter what your generator model is, we’ll be able to successfully service it.

All the generators that we service will be held to the PP standard and they will always reach our SLA agreements – these types of agreements will involve regular maintenance for your generator on the agreed schedule. 

Here at Pleavin Power, we always follow all health and safety protocols when it comes to servicing your generator meaning that not only are our staff completely safe but those around them. Speak to our team today and we’ll get an arrangement that suits you so we can start getting your generator regular servicing to keep it running smoothly!

Generator Repairs Norwich

It can be a daunting time when you realise that your generator has suddenly broken down or failed to start. You may be wondering what the next step is, you should never attempt to fix or repair a generator by yourself if you have no qualifications or experience with generators – our generator repair service makes sure that your generator is safely and correctly repaired and we can get your generator back up and running in no time in the Norwich area.

There may be a few reasons that your generator has suddenly stopped working for you e.g. your fuel filters could be blocked or through overuse, your generator might have picked one or two problems that are causing it to not run as smooth previously.

For something like fuel filters being blocked, you should always call a generator repair service as soon as possible as if you leave fuel filters blocked then it could lead to further contamination which could permanently damage your generator and leave you out of pocket for hundreds to replace your generator. 

To avoid having to reach out for generator repair service, it is recommended that you get regular servicing as we previously spoke about to help identify any problems and fix them before they get worse. 

The team here at Pleavin Power always take health and safety very seriously meaning that when we repair your generator we take the necessary risk assessment and follow any guidelines set while remaining efficient.

Generators For Sale Norwich

One of the most sensible investments you can make either for your home or commercial property is a power generator. Having a power generator on hand for emergencies can get you through some difficult times when you experience a sudden power outage but you can even benefit by using it for outdoor events, camping trips and many more.

We’ve got a wide range of high-quality generators available for sale here in Norwich – if you need any help as we understand it can be difficult to know which generator is best as there are so many different types of models available. Get in touch with our sales team today who can help advise you on the best way to go or take a look at our generator collection by following the button below.