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Generator Repair Reading

We understand that it can be a daunting time when your generator suddenly stops working when you need it most, and it can often leave you confused about the next steps to take.

First of all, you should never attempt to fix the generator by yourself with no training or experience as you could harm yourself and further damage the generator to the point where you will have to purchase a new one, leaving you out of pocket.

Generators, like any appliance, have the risk of suddenly breaking down, whether it’s from blocked fuel filters or constant overuse that has caused them to severely slow down in performance.

Whatever the reason, if you notice your generator is broken or is showing signs of wear and tear, then do not wait; contact our team, who will be able to quickly get out to the Reading area at your suited time and identify and fix the problem.

To avoid having to call out for sudden repairs, we offer regular generator servicing and maintenance, as previously mentioned, which can help identify these problems before it gets worse.

Contact our generator repairs team if your generator has stopped working; our experts can solve the problem in no time. 

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Generator Servicing Reading

It is crucial that you do regular maintenance and servicing to make sure that your generator stays in its best condition so that it can run smoothly without any problems when you need it most.

If you currently own a generator, we recommend getting regular servicing as you run the risk of potentially breaching the generator manufacturer’s guidelines, meaning you could lose your warranty, leaving you out of pocket if the worst happens.

Our high-quality generator process ensures that no stone is left unturned when inspecting, and we are successfully able to identify any problems and fix them there and then, ensuring that your generator keeps running with no problems!

We recommend that you do not attempt to service any generator if you have no qualifications or experience dealing with them due to their complex nature. There is a high chance you could further damage your generator and even harm yourself or others around you.

All the team here at Pleavin Power is fully qualified in every generator matter, and have had years of experience dealing with them. By contacting us, you can guarantee an efficient and effective generator servicing process.

There are many different types of generator models now available to the public such as gas generators, diesel generators, hybrid generators and much more. These different types of generators will require different types of care, and no matter what model of generator you currently have, our team will be able to successfully maintain its best condition.

All the generators that we service will follow the SLA agreements set when first discussed, and they will always reach the high-quality PP standard, which has got us recognised as one of the UK’s leading power generation companies.

Health and safety is super important to everyone here at Pleavin Power, and when we do any maintenance, we always follow the strict health and safety protocols set to ensure that you, your people, and staff are safe.

Get in touch with our team today; we can give you more information on getting regular servicing for your generator in the Reading area.

Generator Hire Reading

We understand that some situations don’t require you to purchase a power generator, but there may be a time when you need to have a power generator for a certain period of time. After all, generators are quite a sizeable investment, so it makes more sense to hire a generator for the period of time that you need it.

We offer many happy clients across the UK, including the Reading area, a high-quality generator hire service. We are able to successfully get your generator up and running for the time in the Reading area.

Generators are able to get people through the most testing times, whether it’s power outages or extreme weather conditions, as they are able to successfully power appliances when running. This means that you are able to go about your home or business life as normal.

Whatever the reason you may be looking to hire a generator, we’ve got you covered here at Pleavin Power. Whether you require a generator for one week or a full month, our flexible generator hire service allows you to get a power generator for the required time needed.

We’ve got a huge range of high-quality generators available for you to hire that come in all different types of models and sizes. With Pleavin Power, you can find the ideal generator for your situation.

Certain generators come with different benefits, such as noise-reducing capabilities, which means you are able to run your generator without any complaints in low-noise areas. Ultimately, generator hire services can help save you money, time, and stress in the long run.

Not only is our team able to hire you the ideal generator, but we also have access to a range of generator equipment that can boost the efficiency and performance of your generator, such as power lock connectors that can help offer you a more secure connection.

If you are unsure about what generator you require for your situation, reach out to our friendly generator expert team in Reading, who will be able to listen to your current needs and then guide you in the right direction to the ideal generator for you.

Generator For Sale Reading

A sensible investment that you can make is purchasing a power generator. Whether you are a homeowner looking to get peace of mind for when sudden emergencies happen, such as power outages, or a business that runs outdoor weddings and more, generators are the answer. There are many different reasons why someone may be looking to purchase a generator!

We’ve got a wide range of generators for sale in the Reading area if you are unsure where to look, as it can be difficult to know what generator you are looking for with no previous experience. Give our support team a call, and they will be able to successfully guide you to the ideal generator for your needs.