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Are Diesel Generators Good For Home Use?

Are Diesel Generators Good For Home Use?

Diesel generators are undoubtedly one of the most flexible & reliable generators that you can find when searching to purchase a generator.

Not only can you use diesel generators for home use, but you will also find many commercial properties in many different sectors using diesel generators for well-needed power in moments such as potential scheduled blackouts in your area as you can’t afford any downtime or you could be powering a construction site. Whatever you need it for, diesel generators are a handy piece of equipment!

Diesel generators can power your household and some people do use them as the main power source but they are mostly used as a backup power source for homeowners when there is bad weather which can damage your main power source.

It can be devastating not only for the whole family being without power but it can end up costing you money through spoiled goods, potential flooding and many more so it makes sense to purchase a diesel generator as a backup source.

Here at Pleavin Power, we have an expert team with years of experience in dealing with power generators so we’ve rounded up our in-house team to lend us some expert insight into why diesel generators are good for home use.

We’ve rounded up the pros and cons of having diesel generators for home use, we’ve even put ways you can combat the cons so you can get the best experience for your diesel generator.

Having this list will be able to give you a better understanding if you are currently on the market looking for a diesel generator to use for your household.


The Pros Of Diesel Generator For Home Use

We have found that a lot of homeowners have diesel generators for their homes as they are well-known for being super reliable plus lasting a long time when looked after correctly. Not to mention they are very cost-effective compared to a lot of other backup power sources.

Here are some of the great pros that you will get from your diesel generator for home use:


Extremely Durable

Home diesel generators will last a lot longer than other types of backup generators. To get the most out of your diesel generators, you can arrange for our team to regularly service your generator.

This means we will plan dates to come out to your generator and inspect it for any underlying problems, if we come across any problems we will fix them there and then.

Diesel generators are extremely durable that will last for years on end but like anything, problems can arise especially with overuse so getting regular servicing can make it last even longer getting your full money’s worth.


Very Efficient

Diesel generators are known to be one of the most efficient in the power generator industry, the reason why they are favoured more than other types of generators is that they can reach their peak in a much shorter time frame than other generators.

A reason why diesel generators can reach their peak a lot quicker is that they are built with a cooling competent inside which means that they can handle the heat production without needing extra components such as water pumps like other generators.



One of the top factors why homeowners favour purchasing diesel generators for their homes is that they are fuel-efficient compared to the likes of gas-powered generators.

If you are wondering exactly what fuel-efficient means when purchasing a generator it means that you will get a lot more power in the set amount of fuel that your generator requires to run.

That is why it is such a popular choice as a backup power source amongst homeowners as they will run for the needed time in times of an emergency.



While this article is to let know homeowners why diesel generators are a great purchase for your house. We can’t leave out this pro when it comes to diesel generators and that is their versatility of them. Not only will you find a lot of homeowners purchasing diesel generators but they are commonly used across the commercial industry across a lot of sectors.

Diesel generators are very capable of handling a wide range of needs which is why you can power your entire household as a backup if needed.


What Are The Cons Of Diesel Generators (How You Can Get Past Them)

Unfortunately, like any piece of equipment on earth, they do come with the odd con. We’ve put them below but we’ve also put on how you can beat them.


Cost Of Installation

There is a bit of a fee when it comes to installing a diesel generator for your household but they will raise the value of your home when purchased so you need to see it as an investment.

We are known to be one of the most affordable high-quality power generator services in the UK, you can speak to our friendly support team today to hear more about the installation process of a diesel generator for your home.



We can safely say that it is very rare that you will need to shell out for repair costs but it can happen for a different number of reasons as many moving parts come with generators. Some repair costs can leave you out of pocket.

A way that you can ever avoid finding a generator repair service is by getting regular servicing & maintenance done by the team here at Pleavin Power as we previously spoke about.

That way you can avoid paying hefty repair costs for your generators as we will be able to keep your generator in tip-top condition and do thorough inspections to see any potential problems that could arise.



If you are in the market for a diesel generator, it can be hard to know exactly which generator is best for your situation plus your budget. We have a dedicated sales team that can help point you in the right direction, please contact us today!

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