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Last Week at Pleavin Power

A circuitboard being connected to grant power for a generator
An emergency response unit van delivering a large generator while driving down the road.

Critical Power
for Hire

Most of our generators for hire are currently hired, providing power across the country. Last weekend, 350 kVA Critical power package was delivered ahead of install for an NHS client. The following day our team completed installs and tests, making sure equipment is ready for the short term hire. Last week, we have also collected our Hire kit from the Heaton Park Manchester after a long term hire.

Another one of our current Hire projects includes providing prime power during LV switch gear replacement. The system consists of three 500kVA machines and one 300kVA power supply, operating in AMF N+1 Duty standby. Great equipment and a fantastic install being managed by our team. Thanks to Templant Power for the teamwork and assistance. 

CAT Generators

Last week, we had a delivery of two CAT generators from Templant Power. These two yellow machines are straight from the factory and had their power wizard controllers removed and replaced with Deep Sea Electronics, Webnet and AVR. Delivered Sunday, built and commissioned Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The team were working on it day and night, keeping the promise of handing over the rebuilt machines as soon as possible.

Any system, any platform, increased resilience, a simple manual changeover or connection point – we have the skills to survey, design, install and commission.

Two new CAT generators being transported to a new warehouse.
A Pleavin Power employee wearing a hi vis coat working on a laptop

24 Hours Turnaround

A week ago, we received a small 15kVA generator with a fail to run. Machine would crank and start running, but shutdown after 5 seconds. Our used Deep Sea Electronics 4410 had a blank screen giving no information. After a few hours, the team solved the problem and fitted a new panel, programmed and tested before the machine was cleaned. Last week, we also received a delivery of the new Eclipse Jaltest Off Highway Diagnostic Package. This will further improve our work efficiency and repair speed during the initial stage of engine diagnostics. 

In the mean time, Perkins 2000 series had been getting a few nice upgrades at the workshop by our engineers, James and Daniel.


The team received a call at 2 am in the morning for an emergency assistance at Hanson Cement in Mold. From phone call to dispatch in under 35 minutes, our extensive stock and emergency resources allow us to be unrivalled when our customers have LO57 PWR.

We believe that a service van and a service engineer are only as good as the equipment they are provided with. The right tools for the right job drive efficiency, enjoyment and high quality outcomes. We are good at what we do, because we invest in what we have and provide you – our customers – with the full 24/7 365 turn key service.


A white Emergency Response Unit van with a generator attached to the back of the van ready to be transported to an emergency generator service
A Pleavin Power employee working on a red Linde forklift, using it to carry a red generator.

Meet Charlie

Our new workshop operative Charlie helps to organise inventory and makes sure our workshop is kept to the standards at all times. Currently, Charlie also provides fuel delivery services for our customers and supports any day-to-day tasks at the HQ. When asked what he likes about working at Pleavin Power the most, Charlie said he loves how friendly the team is. Apart from spending most of his time here at PP, Charlie loves freeride / downhill biking and other extreme sports. A bit more from Charlie himself about working with us: 

“I really enjoy my day to day role as there is always something different to do, it never seems to be the same and I get to spend time outside working with my hands, which I enjoy. I really enjoy working with everyone in the company as you feel welcome immediately and everyone will do their best to help, there is always a can-do attitude. I chose to work for Pleavin Power because they are progressing in the industry a lot, while Jack is a great boss and friend. “

Welcome to the team and good luck, Charlie!

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