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Last Week at Pleavin Power

Two Pleavin Power employees setting up a generator on site while wearing PPE.
A Pleavin Power employee setting up a generator for a Critical Power Package

Critical Power Supply

Pleavin Power have been awarded a new contract with Hyperoptic, Fibre Optic Broadband company. Starting with the first site this week, we will be continuously supplying short term uninterrupted power for a total of 22 clients’ sites.


The team worked through the night on Sunday to prepare a critical power package, which was delivered and commissioned early this morning. The system will operate in N+1 configuration, also called parallel redundancy, with standby ATS’s and 24/7 365 HawkEye Remote Monitoring, Servicing and Refuelling. 

Emergency Response

At approximately 6 pm on Saturday, we received a call from a critical care home in distress. As the country has suffered widespread LV and HV network damage, SP Energy Networks struggled to get any further support to restore the supply. 

From the initial engagement with the DNO, we responded and restored the 400A supply in under two hours. This is where the real magic happened, proving that we respond at any time of the day and provide support when it is most needed. Once again, our teams demonstrated a phenomenal effort, most of which have been on shift since Friday. Nationwide 24/7 365 Emergency Response is what we provide without fail.

Four Pleavin Power vans arriving at their working destination
A blue and white generator set up for a pleavin power service

Full Service & Upgrades

We want to say a huge thank you to Henshall & Sheehy Support Services, in particular, Aston Ball and Bob Barker MIWFM, IOSH, for the continued support and immersive projects. Our working relationship is something special, and with the effort from both companies, large undertakings go without a hitch.

The 3MVA building was taken offline at 4:30 am, 4 life safety ATS systems upgraded, generators serviced, PFC maintained while LV switchgear checked and tested. The team finished ahead of our 6 pm deadline like anticipated, we are – The Generator Specialists.

Emergency Fuel Service

Over the weekend, Pleavin Power supported Respond, Service & Maintain company at a large NHS Estate with the refuelling service of a backup power system. Following the recent storm, this site now needs uninterrupted power generation for the next five days. Therefore, fuel deliveries are time-critical and essential.

Many offer 24/7 capability, but few deliver on it. With dedicated service provided by industry specialists, this hospital now can remain on emergency generators whilst repairs are completed, knowing that refuelling team will keep them online around the clock.

A Pleavin Power generator used to complete a fuel service
A Generator Specialists generator arriving at a destination for a generator hire service.

Generator Hire Service

Last week, together with Templant Power, our team provided with another Hire package of a critical power for a potato farm after they suffered a devastating fire. Fortunately, they were able to get back to normal and complete the harvest with the power supply from our generators.

Our service team managed logistics from delivery through to commissioning of a temporary hire system.

To help avoid the power shortage crisis, we have 60 kVA through to 1250 kVA machines available for planned and reactive Hire Service.

Generators for Sale

From generators, parts, automatic transfer switches and complete installations, we have the solution for any power generation needs. 

The economical situation in UK  is causing far-reaching concern and economic hardship for consumers, businesses and communities. Our mission is to help individuals and businesses as much as possible at these uncertain times with the stock ordered in advanced.

Currently, we have 33 kVA – 220 kVA Cummins and 22 kVA – 65 kVA Pramac generators ready for immediate dispatch. Shop Now

The Pleavin Power headquarters with a green and lime green Pramac GSW 65 generators beside each other.

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