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Last Week at Pleavin Power

Generator Hire
Load Testing

Data Centre Support

On Friday, the team undertook major servicing for a newly awarded contract. Our new Client, Velox Serv, provide a range of co-location hosting to a wide variety of customers. As a growing business, Velox required reliance and around the clock availability from a critical service provider. After having a few discussions about their future growth plans, we have been brought in to support, maintain and develop Velox’s critical power systems as the business continues to grow. 

Pleavin Power were completing servicing, load banking and inspections across the entire critical power systems. Supporting and maintaining the company 24/7 365 from now on, Pleavin Power offers a total peace of mind for many years to come.

Repairs and Deliveries

Systems and engines can often fail for a number of reasons: poor maintenance, fuel issues, poor operating conditions and so on. When failure does occur, it is essential that the main cause can be identified. This is to identify any other adverse effects during the repair process to ensure no further issues develop as a direct result of the original failure. 

Over the week, the team rebuilt a 30 kVA machine with a replacement of Mecc Alte alternator in the Kubota powered Harrington set. It has been load tested at the workshop and headed back to the customer. With a full turn-key approach to Engine, Systems and Mechanical repairs we service and maintain any power applications.


Diagnostics and Testing


Our team completed diagnostics to the electrical system of a complex drill rig for a foundation piling client. The machine was suffering from an intermittent electrical fault causing the system to lock out. Once the fault was identified, our team completed the repair and the machine was handed back over for the operation. 

Regular testing and servicing is the only way you can be sure your power systems are healthy. With our industry leading maintenance service, our skilled electrical engineers will visit you whenever and wherever you are in the United Kingdom.


24/7 Fuel Service

Our around the clock fuel management services keeping assets running and tanks full. We can also provide with remote monitoring to make the process effortless without constantly keeping an eye on system fuel levels. 

If Fuel management solution is something you require, we can help keep your business operating day and night, with the supply and installation of tanks. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how we can help you call our technical team.

Cummins CPG Range

Whether our customers are looking for prime, standby or critical power usage – we can ensure to offer the best solution. Pleavin Power has introduced a new offering –  a wide selection of quality CPG Cummins diesel generators in sizes ranging from 22 kVA  to 550 kVA with additional services. Our offer includes: 

  • FREE Full Tank of Fuel
  • 1 Year Free Service
  • HIAB Delivery
  • Installation Available
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