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Things You Should Consider When Hiring A Generator

If you’re planning an event such as an outdoor event, there’s a high chance that you are going to require a generator but it makes no sense in purchasing a power generator that you are going to use on a one-off.

That’s why it’s best to hire a generator but there are a lot of things you should consider when hiring a generator. So our experts have put together a list that we will cover in this blog!


What Power Requirements Are You Going To Need

When you are assessing what power you are going to require from your generator, you are going to need to understand what exactly is going to need to be powered.

Are you going to be powering security lighting for a big construction project you’ve taken on or are you just trying to power a small gathering with basic low-level lighting in a marquee?

When dealing with power-hungry equipment, you will need a reliable power source that can handle that equipment such as lighting, and sound system if you are running a festival or outside catering equipment.

It’s also good practice when hiring a generator that you are hiring one with a higher voltage capacity than what you require. Overloading your generator can cause it to overheat leading it to become a fire and explosion hazard which is never a good thing.

It can also lead to your equipment breaking due to inconsistent power going through it which we want to avoid.


Time Of Use

It’s important to know when you are going to be running your equipment and how long you are going to need your generator to power it. Are you going to be running all day or just in the evening?

If you are running your power generator throughout the day then you’ll need to watch out for any noise complaints, especially if you are planning to use it in a built-up area where noise may be a problem for residents close.

Run this with the person you’re using to hire your generator about which type is best for the time of use you will be running it for. There are now a lot of new hybrid models that can be run silently through the night if noise is going to be an issue and you don’t want any potential power cuts.

If you are looking to produce more power diesel generators are known for producing the most power.


Using The Help From The Right Experts

A simpler and easier route when hiring a generator is using help from experts in generators such as Pleavin Power. Once you’ve decided that you will definitely need a generator to power whatever you are planning, reach out to a generator hire expert.

An expert can help you secure the correct equipment based on your requirements without you having to stress about learning all the details. There are so many massive factors when it comes to hiring power generator equipment and someone with years of experience in the field can help you guide you through the process.


Complying With Regulations

Before using your generator it’s key that you are complying with the rules, regulations and laws set by the government. The equipment needs to be following protocols such as noise pollution, and fuel safety and that you are using it safely such as making sure the cable is routed properly with your generator.

If a problem such as noise pollution has come up, you can hire an acoustic canopy that can deaden the sound coming from the generator.


Where To Place The Equipment

Where you are going to place your equipment while your hired generator is powering them is a major thing to consider. Especially if you are dealing with any higher units.

A hire company will advise you fully on the top place where you can position your equipment, if you are planning to use a smaller generator to power your event it can be easily transported by a white van and positioned quickly with efficiency.

If you are dealing with larger types of generators then you will require to be transferred by a lorry on a flatbed and positioned with a crane.

You also need to focus on the access that your generator will be situated, if there are going to be any potential implications that you can think of then it’s best to plan in advance and sort out a delivery date that can get your generator perfectly situated without any problems.

And if you’re again dealing with larger types of generators then you are definitely required to properly plan out what you are doing with project management and risk assessment so when the equipment is delivered you can move it and position it correctly without any potential risks on bystanders.

Generators emit carbon monoxide. Therefore make sure you place it well away from the potential gathering of people and even more important away from any children. Finally, as well make sure your equipment and generator are placed away from potential rainfall or snow to avoid any malfunctions.

In the case of this then it’s key that you speak with an expert from a hire generator company to guide you through the process without any problems as if you have no experience with generators this can be very overwhelming for you.


Your Budget

Like anything in life, a big thing to consider is what your budget is to hire a power generator. The bigger the generator, the longer it is going to run then the longer it’s going to cost you to operate.

If you are looking for extra features for your generator such as heat detection with automatic cooling, automatic shut-off features, transfer switch etc. then these types of extra features will also cost you extra when hiring a generator.

Here at Pleavin Power, we can consult you on hiring the best generator for what you have planned inside the budget you have assigned or have been assigned.

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