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What’s new in 2023?

Pleavin Group Fuel Services

With the monumental task of our industry plans this year our Q1 reinvestment strategy continues. We are extremely excited to be launching Pleavin Group Fuel Services late in March.

From 1,000L through to 20,000L our services will service the 24/7 demands of the power generation industry as we build our infrastructure around the needs of critical power and the ever increasing dependency on diesel generation.

Fuel is one thing we have always struggled with in emergencies and out of hours supply. Not for much longer, if we are called upon to provide a solution – we will deliver it end to end from delivery to install, refuelling and remote monitoring.

Headquarter Expansion

It’s no secret that we have outgrown our existing store room and in order to maintain our growth and to carry the required levels of stock, we have been assembling our own new 250 M2 mezzanine floor. In late November we acquired another business, something that wasn’t always in plans but we don’t turn down opportunities. Fast forward two months later, we have finished building the mezzanine and we are almost complete with our office expansion, gym and new engineering break out room.

The team has almost doubled in size since January, and with the addition of another business joining us under the same roof office space is a must. Our HQ has been a love and hate relationship for the last 14 months as it’s taken this long to complete. However, sadly we have outgrown this building and are about to do it all again once we find our next building for our logistics centre.

In-house Servicing & Repairs

The heart of everything we do is maintaining client’s equipment, it’s about high quality and long lasting repairs which is what our service centre is for. Can only maintain and repair machines in the field to a certain degree, but when the time comes to give it a new lease of life – our state of the art facilities are built to do just that. From minor overhauls through to complete rebuilds… We do it all in house and around the clock.

We’ve had Kemppi in at our facility demonstrating the latest X5P Water Cooled FastMig to our team. The feedback has been fantastic and we are looking forward to implementing the technology within the business to support our operations, welding is not something we do all the time, but it is a vital part of being able to keep repairs moving. This equipment with its preprogrammed settings and adaptability will definitely make life easier for our engineers.

Business Growth

In under 18 months, we have scaled up from 750 square feet to 7,500 square feet and then up to combined engineering space of 30,000 square feet under a year later. The reason for our scale, growth and phenomenal journey are down to our key values and promises we make to our clients as well as our end-users. We capture the full range of emergency power services, service, installation, overhaul and 24/7 support under one umbrella. We are underway with the development of a centralised logistics centre to manage our hire fleet, along with some other unique ideas that will bolster the wrap around promise.

Recently, we have also invested in new company vehicles for new and existing fleet members. We are looking for skilled workshop rebuild technician’s with months of work booked in and a growing waiting list.

Field Service Division

Everyday our teams of specialist engineers are trusted to deliver for some of the UK’s largest enterprises. From life safety generators in hotels, through to multi mega watt data centres – we offer a hassle free, one call does it all 24/7 nationwide service.

With profound knowledge of mechanical and electrical engineering, we specialize in assessing maintenance needs, diagnosing malfunctions or failures on site, and developing creative solutions to maximise safety and efficiency.

We choose to operate 7 days a week because this is what our industry demands. If you want to do well at anything it is in life – do what others won’t and be there for your clients when others can’t.

Be part of our family by joining our Field Service Division Team – email your CV to [email protected]

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