110 kVA Generators

Sustaining a high amount of power for relevant jobs is a must when you’re trusting a provider with your generator. Understanding that there are great generators out there is a given but a company that provides high-end services to go with that is challenging.

Consequently, our 110kVA generators will be an excellent addition to your power generation set-up – no matter what you need it for. The power capacity of the generator below will be 110 kilovolt-amperes – meaning it will be more than just a backup generator for your energy needs.

Below, you will find all of our 110 kVA generators available for a variety of your power source needs. Therefore, if you need standby power or even prime power – these will be the perfect solution to your energy problems.

Can a 110 kVA Generator be a Prime Power Source?

Yes, a 110kVA generator can be a prime power source, but only to a certain extent. 110 kVA is not the most powerful source of energy out there that you can find. However, it is an excellent backup source for your house, businesses, etc and can be a prime source for locations such as industrial machinery, jobs sites and many more.

Its main function would be to provide backup power for large businesses and commercial buildings. Nevertheless, if you wanted a diesel generator with an efficient fuel tank, this will be a great choice for your specific needs – even for your prime power sources.

How Long Will Your 110 kVA Generator Last?

For this model, you can expect up to 25 hours of a prime power source if you’re not going above the prime power output of 100kVA. The reason our 110 kVA generator performs optimally at this level is due to if it goes any higher than 110 kVA, you will begin to see your generator at an unnatural temperature.

If your 110 kVA generator is frequently going over its prime output levels, this could be dangerous to anyone on the work site, your home, or anywhere you decide to place this generator.

Additionally, please note that if a job only requires a certain amount of kVA, you will not need to use the prime capacity. The prime power will then be wasted and your fuel tank will run out a lot quicker than you desire.

Therefore, checking how much power is required of a job before you utilise your new 110 kVA generator is pivotal to longevity. Luckily, you can purchase a battery charger to go with your diesel generator, meaning you will be able to get your power rating up to what is required in no time.

Benefits of a 110 kVA Generator

With a diesel engine, this 110 kVA generator provides you with a plethora of environmentally-friendly benefits. Due to diesel being energy efficient and having the space to provide more energy in a smaller capacity, your diesel 110 kVA generator will take up less space – wherever you choose to put it.

With Pleavin Power, our goal is to supply you with everything you need generator related so that you never run into any major issues without us being there. Whether that be servicing, battery chargers, new fuel tanks, etc – our team of specialists will always be by your side with this new purchase.

An additional benefit of this model is the silent diesel motor – meaning if you’re looking to put it in a public area, you won’t have to worry about it distracting or causing complaints.

Furthermore, a diesel option compared to a natural gas generator will be safer. This is because when it comes to refilling the fuel tank, natural gasoline can be highly flammable. Consequently, if you don’t know what you’re doing, this could be life-threatening.

Whereas, if you have a diesel tank to refill, this is a much less-flammable liquid – therefore, there’s more room for error for beginners. Diesel will last longer than natural gas too, thus, you won’t have to fill it up to maximum capacity as regularly.

What to Look Out For

If you decide to purchase our 110kVA diesel generator, ensuring that you keep the oil pressure at the optimum level is key. When the oil pressure begins to drop below the ideal rate, you may find that your generator begins to overheat.

Therefore, if you intend on keeping your Pleavin Power generator at peak performance, regularly checking the oil pressure or getting one of our team members (who are available 24/7) to come and take a look at it will be completely fine either way!

These generating sets are extremely efficient when they’re running with sufficient lubrication – thus, keeping it that way by regular checkups (checking the control panels) is what we’d recommend for prime power.

Why Choose Pleavin Power’s 110 kVA Generator

Here at Pleavin Power, we’re not your typical e-commerce store for purchasing generators. Our services go much deeper than this as our mission is to be your one-stop shop for everything related to powering your generator in a successful fashion.

If you’re looking for standby power or prime power generators, this 110 kVA generator manufactured by Pleavin Power has been worked on with immense care to ensure that there are no issues when purchasing… just neverending benefits.

We also supply you with larger generators or smaller generators which can be found elsewhere on our website. Nonetheless, you can purchase this generator set with everything you need to run an effective generator service.

Whether you need remote monitoring (so we can keep track of your generator’s performance) or you want generator servicing with additional battery chargers that you can install with ease – we provide it all to make life as easy as possible. Thus, you will be able to focus on daily tasks without worrying about your power source.

Furthermore, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality generators that have been manufactured by our team of specialists with years of experience. See below for the options you can choose from in our 110 kVA range.

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