150 kVA Generators

At Pleavin Power, we have a wide array of 150 kVA generators to choose from. Our generators will give you an excellent alternative to traditional and unreliable solutions with your own personal power generator.

It may be a common occurrence in your household that you experience power cuts or energy shortages often – which can cause many problems to arise. This is especially the case if this happens when you’re a business owner and power is extremely important to your everyday tasks (electricity for important devices, equipment, etc).

Therefore, finding a solution quickly so you can take control of your power situation will assist you in preparing for these events when the unfortunate time arises. Now, you won’t have to stress about it happening as you’ll always have a backup to reinforce power when you need it. See below for your list of opposing diesel generators.

Can a 150 kVA Generator be Your Main Source of Power?

Yes, your 150 kVA generator from Pleavin Power can be your main source of power under certain conditions. If you’re looking to put your generator on a large job site, most likely this generator will not be able to supply enough power. However, if it’s a smaller job that only needs 50% to 100% of 150 kVA, it will be able to run as a prime diesel generator.

Therefore, you must calculate your load size before you continue with a job. Otherwise, this generator may not be able to handle the huge amount of power required to gift the adequate amount – with the fuel tank running down quickly.

Every piece of equipment that you purchase that needs electricity to run will give you a power rating of what it requires. In this case, the 150kVA generator will be able to supply efficient power to appliances that require 120 kW or below for as long as it can go without being charged.

How Long Does a 150 kVA Generator Last?

These diesel 150 kVA generators if kept in their prime wattage range will last up to 55 hours if kept at 50% of their maximum power capacity. However, if you use your generator at its maximum wattage (120 kW), you will be looking at around 29 hours of efficient work.

This will be a long length of time for those who need their generators for backup power. Yet, if you’re looking to use this for prime standby power in small projects – you will notice that you will need battery chargers frequently.

Here at Pleavin Power, we don’t just provide the generator set. We provide everything that you need to go with it that will allow your generator to perform at the highest level. This will assist you in your journey so you don’t have to worry about any internal or external damage that your generator could cause.

Are 150 kVA Generators Noisy?

150 kVA diesel generators are still extremely quiet for the power that they’re producing on a regular basis. This is due to the silent diesel generator using composite materials to bounce back the initial frequencies back into the generator.

There is a range of diesel generators on the market that don’t take this into consideration. Whereas, here at Pleavin Power, we understand that generators can typically be noisy and cause some complaints.

Therefore, to counteract that, we provide our customers with extremely quiet generators to obtain maximum results and the least complaints possible. Especially if you’re using your generator in a public area, the last thing people want to be hearing regularly is a generator consistently firing in the backdrop.

Our expert team of specialists ensure that our 150 kVA models are manufactured so they produce low noise emissions when producing their rated amount of power.

Benefits of Our 150 kVA Generators

With it having versatile functions, these high-quality generator sets can present adequate prime power and backup power in the event of a power cut or shortage. Too often are households and businesses struggling to contact their power suppliers and see solutions with immediate effect.

Yet, if you purchase one of these generators for sale, you will be able to independently provide power whenever you need it.

Additionally, the 150 kVA diesel generator from Pleavin Power will be extremely easy to operate. With our simple-to-read control panels and specialist team available to you all at once, there will be no way of operating your generator set any lower than the optimal level.

Furthermore, as part of the control panel, you will be able to read the fuel indicator. Therefore, you will always be able to read when you’re low on fuel and need to fill up again.

As diesel is more eco-friendly than natural gas, you will be filling up your gas tank less frequently – meaning you’re producing less carbon emission daily.

Our time and effort have gone into providing a generator that will give you the greatest performance for what you put into it – as we live by providing quality value to each and every customer who works with us.

Why Choose Us

Pleavin Power is one of the UK’s leading power generation service providers, thus if you think that we’re only providing you with a high-quality product – we also offer a range of 5-star rated services to partner with them productively.

Having a team like us by your side will ensure that you’re supplied with the finest products and services to match – meaning the problems that you may think will occur will disappear if you choose us.

We let our professionalism, integrity and reliability do the talking though and it is visibly showing in our customer satisfaction levels. If you believe we and our product would be a great fit for your power plans, view our range of diesel generators below to see which one aligns with your vision.

If you have any further quandaries, please contact us immediately and we’ll give our expert opinion on what we believe would be the best solution to what you’re trying to accomplish.

If you would rather speak to us directly, please call us on 0151 832 5007 and we’ll be more than happy to help you out today!

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