17 kVA Generators

Your power supply is extremely crucial to us here at Pleavin Power. That’s why our array of 17 kVA generators are designed to provide you with adequate and high-quality power at any given moment.

Businesses and households in the UK experience the effects of a power outage commonly, due to the incremental weather conditions and unreliable power sources available. It’s also expected that the UK will face more ‘blackouts’ in the near future.

Whereas, here at Pleavin Power, we’re giving you plenty of alternatives within your daily routine of needing prime power, or, in case of an emergency, providing backup power. On our website, you will see natural gas generators, standby generators, portable generators, etc.

However, below you will find our 17 kVA diesel generator that will be the perfect solution to all of your worries in the usage of power supplies. Settling for mediocre isn’t what we do here at Pleavin Power as we only provide you with the finest generators on the market with years of research behind us. Level up your power supply below!

What is the Purpose of a 17 kVA Generator?

With the 17 kVA generator being suitable for larger job sites, industrial properties, homes and workplaces, the main purpose of this diesel generator is to provide standby/ backup power for all of your opposing needs.

With this versatility, it gives you as the customer many options with all the different voltages that need to be catered for. No matter whether you only need 50% of the maximum power capabilities or consistently need 100% load of the voltage – this generator will be able to provide you with important power services at all times.

As long as the 17 kVA generator is looked after, with optimal servicing and regular checkups (via the control panels) – this generator will be a cornerstone in how you look at power supplies forever.

The 17 kVA generator here at Pleavin Power gives you the freedom and flexibility to leave your current unreliable power enablers and have your own independent functioning generator that can complete everything (and more) than your typical traditional supplier.

How Long Does a 17 kVA Generator Run?

Depending on the voltage of the 17 kVA you decide to purchase, your generator will last anywhere from 8-27 hours. Now although that is a broad spectrum of load time – you will discover that the higher the voltage, the longer it will last at maximum capacity.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a generator that provides more than just a backup source of power – a lower-voltage diesel generator may be off the cards. Yet, if you decide that you’re only going to use a generator for backup power purposes, then the lower voltage options may suit your purchase decision.

Ensuring that you read this information clearly is important for the expectation of fuel consumption. Otherwise, you may be stuck with a less capable generator that only has a prime power supplementation of only 8 hours maximum.

What Environments Are 17 kVA Generators Suited For?

During the test of time, this 17 kVA generator range has been suitable for a multitude of different environments. The main places of effectiveness that these diesel generators will assist the most would be telecommunications, retail, construction and residential sites.

With their durability, power generation and excellent adaptability – the 17 kVA generators have stood the test of time in a wide variety of environments. Trust the capabilities of the diesel engine and you will be able to place this generator in most environments where you need a power supply.

Ensuring that the area has good circulation for your diesel generator will ensure that you receive the best performance from your generator. If the temperatures begin to rise and there is not enough air readily available to your 17 kVA model, you may see some corrosion begin to form – meaning the metal will begin to deform.

Overall, an open area or an indoor arena with excellent ventilation will be the best place for you to install this model for your power needs.

Benefits of the 17 kVA Generators

With our range of 17 kVA generators being fueled by diesel, you can expect a much more environmentally friendly model to install in your home or business. As diesel is known to have an additional price compared to petrol, you may think that this will be less cost-effective.

However, because diesel is a lighter oil, it will always lubricate the necessary functions of your generator when it’s being used. Therefore, because it allows your generator to run more efficiently, you will burn less fuel as time passes.

Another huge advantage of our diesel generators is that this model crams a lot of power in a smaller package. Not only will this be easier to move around from location to location but if you have a multitude of different jobs you need to complete – you will have the freedom to do so.

Furthermore, these power tools will release low volume – meaning that you don’t have to worry about using its wonderful features in public. Noise complaints are extremely common with multiple generators, but it is our duty here at Pleavin Power to supply you with generators that solve solutions in all areas.

Why Choose Pleavin Power

No matter whether you’re looking to purchase this generator for commercial, retail or domestic values, this diesel generator will suit every scenario you can think of. Pleavin Power has a mission to equip all of our customers with a satisfying experience – whether that be via our professional services or one of our high-quality generators.

Being one of the UK’s leading power generation service providers, our dedication to each customer is second to none. Every product that is shipped out will be delivered with the optimal capabilities you need to gain independence with your power supplies. Choose from your options below, today!

P.s. Our team of specialists are always on-hand (24/7) to assist you with any queries you have, as we know it is a product you need to get right in order to mirror your requirements. Hence, if you’re undecided or unsure which 17 kVA generator will serve you best, call us on 0151 832 5007 or email us and we’ll be more than happy to give you the advice you require.

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