170 kVA Generators

At Pleavin Power, we have a whole host of 170 kVA generators that can act as your prime or backup source of power – depending on your preference. Instead of using conventional power sources such as the National grid which can become generally unreliable – you can have the power to control your individual needs.

Whether you need it for your home or a business venture, you can, unfortunately, expect power outages to become an occurrence in the time that you’re in the establishment or residence. With the current energy crisis too, you can expect to see more power cuts in the future – thus taking control of your power source is becoming more important than ever.

Instead of waiting and letting the power shortage or outage happen which will have some major setbacks on your home or business and frantically calling your energy company to fix your issues – a generator allows you to have prime power or backup power on demand… whenever you need it.

Can a 170 kVA Generator be Your Primary Power Source?

So, can a 170 kVA generator be your primary power source? The short is yes, you can technically use a 170 kVA diesel generator as your primary stationary standby generator but if it is a job that requires a considerable amount of power (close to 100% power output) for long periods of time – it may not withstand the power output needed for a very long time.

Although it may perform extremely well to begin with, the pressure that is required for a large job size will soon be too much for these power tools to handle – meaning your battery will run out quicker.

The rule of thumb is that you find a job requirement that is 0.8x the kVA named on the generator. Hence, if you wanted to run an operation smoothly with this generator, you would need to work out 170 x 0.8 which is 136kW of power.

This means that this 170 kVA generator can efficiently work at its maximum potential if the job required is 136 kW or below. Ergo, you can use this generator as a heavy-duty standby generator at a power output of 136 kW and under.

What Fuel Type Will the 170 kVA Generator Run on?

Due to the size of this generator being fairly large in comparison to some of our smaller models, environmentally-friendly choices are extremely important to our ethos – whilst keeping maximum performance at an all-time high.

Therefore, our 170 kVA models will run on diesel, specifically for the fact that the fuel is more efficient and more environmentally friendly for our planet and the people surrounding the generator on a daily basis.

Diesel will also require less maintenance as you will not be needed to fill up the fuel tank as frequently – due to the carbon emissions being lower. As it burns slower, this can make a significant contribution towards saving money and time spent trying to preserve your continuous duty power source.

Advantages of Using a 170 kVA Generator

Power situations are often out of control and they may still be a concern for all people in the UK and around the world. With unknown queries and possible power cuts on the way – installing your own generator for backup or standby power needs will set you apart from the rest struggling for energy in the event of a power failure.

Often, people will be waiting in call queues for hours on end, trying to get it fixed and especially if you’re a business with high expectations from your customers and clients… you may miss out on multiple days without an influx of profit.

Below, at Pleavin Power, we have got you covered with our high-functioning, versatile generators where you have a selection of diesel generators to choose from in order to fit your tailored desires.

Over time, generators will be an excellent investment for not only your business but if you decide to pick a home generator from this range, they will often pay for themselves by recharging electronics in your household such as your fridge, smart devices and many more.

Can a 170 kVA Generator Run Your Home?

A 170 kVA generator can certainly run your home! In fact, you only need a generator that produces around 5,000 – 7,500 watts to run the essential items in your home adequately. Therefore, 170 kVA is 136,000 watts which means that you’ll essentially be able to run your entire home.

Of course, not every home is the same and some will have extra power needed and vice versa… but although there are higher capacity generators – this should do an excellent job of powering your home for a sufficient amount of time.

We would recommend that you seek generator servicing or an assessment via professionals to seek which generator will supply optimum performance for your household. If you don’t, this could damage the longevity of your generator and also save you money on fuel.

Why Go With Pleavin Power For Your Generator?

Incorporating this diesel engine generator into your will give you a quiet motor that packs a punch when it comes to fuel efficiency and power output. Here at Pleavin Power, we’ve had years of professional experience within this field and upon being one of the leading power generation service providers – our products will follow suit.

Whether you need a domestic or commercial generator, we have you covered with our wide range of 170 kVA generators for sale here on our website. Taking control of your power systems with generators from leading brands such as Promac, Honda and Cummins power generators will ensure that you’re ready for any potential emergency.

With Pleavin power, if you’re unsure of where to begin with your generator and the services that need to be managed along the journey, we have everything you need. From generator servicing to remote monitoring and generator rewinds – it is within our integrity as a company to ensure that your piece of machinery is running at maximum efficiency as frequently as possible.

Saving our customers money and keeping their homes and/ or business running smoothly, whilst furnishing the finest power sources in the UK; will not disappoint. If you’re looking to purchase a 170 kVA generator today, view your options below or, if unsure, don’t hesitate to contact us to assist you in your decision.

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