22 kVA Generators

Generators are rapidly becoming a favoured power source for many households and businesses around the world. Due to the versatility in sizes and fuel types, they’re receiving plenty of attention due to the array of options available.

22 kVA generators are a model that Pleavin Power have been seeing major success with when testing optimal power generation through a varied amount of properties.

Below, we are offering our customers the leading brands such as Cummins, Pramac and Honda – thus, if you’re on the market for a generator – they will serve a great purpose for both domestic and commercial properties.

Each diesel genset that we offer will certainly make a great addition in the event of a power cut as a backup generator. Be prepared with a durable diesel generator today with Pleavin Power!

What is the Purpose of a 22 kVA Generator?

Using a 22 kVA generator allows our customers to independently provide themselves with a power source that will provide a maximum output of 22 kVA or 18 kW for any appliances in times of need.

Whether you’re experiencing a power cut and need emergency power for useful functions or you want standby power for long periods of time – this is all possible with the 22 kVA generator.

Our top-of-the-range three-phase diesel generators from the foremost brands around the world such as Pramac, Honda and Cummins will furnish you with the ability to power any phase appliances in your warehouse, home, business, etc.

Having this freedom to power your supplies without worrying about a power shortage or power cut not only gives you a feeling of calmness, but you won’t have to rely on your local energy supplier to fix this in time for you to keep appliances running smoothly.

If there is a disruption of power in your city or place of residence, you will be the first to say that you are prepared for the oncoming weather conditions. Especially during the energy crisis and unpredictable weather at the moment, getting your hands on this 22 kVA generator seems like a no-brainer!

What is the Recommended Power to Use With a 22 kVA Generator?

To measure power output, for generators we use volts and kW. Thus, this 22 kVA generator has a maximum load factor of anywhere between 230/ 400 volts and in kW – you’re looking at 18 kW at 100% maximum power output.

However, we don’t recommend you use the generator at its maximum capacity at all times as your fuel tank will diminish a lot quicker – meaning you’re going to have to pay more for fuel on a consistent basis.

We would recommend that you use 16 kW of power for your 22 kVA generator as your prime power rating. When you use no more than 70% of the maximum capacity, you can expect your new generator to produce clean energy at a reasonable pace that saves fuel efficiently.

Why Use a Diesel Engine For 22 kVA Generators?

Using a diesel engine for your generator is excellent for the environment as it emits fewer carbon emissions into the air than regular generators. Furthermore, when using diesel, it lasts longer so you won’t have to refill your fuel tank as often as any other fuel type too!

Diesel generators are known for being durable and silent for the most part. With this being a smaller model with less power factor, this just means that your generator will be quieter – perfect for you and others around you.

Complaints are exceedingly common for most generators, but this isn’t the case for diesel engines because they use porous materials nowadays in the finest models to absorb the high frequencies that a diesel engine can often effuse.

Does the 22 kVA Diesel Generator Use a Cooling System?

Yes, our 22 kVA generator does use a water-cooled system – which uses a liquid pump in order to move the coolant around the generator for airflow. The same goes for any heavy-duty generator as the liquid can be more frequent for your bigger model.

However, because this is a smaller generator, you will not have to worry about the cost being too expensive as the model won’t need as much water pumped into the system – in contrast to a larger unit.

Although there is sensitive electrical equipment, the pumps are used effectively to provide water output to where it is needed around the generator for optimal airflow – rather than damaging the electrical equipment stored inside.

Do You Need Any Additional Parts For Your Generator?

Luckily, unless you want any additional services to partner with your new generator – you will not need any additional equipment to internally or externally modify your generator as everything is included in the price.

Not only do you have the AVR alternator to produce clean energy (the heart of your generator), but you will notice that the control panels, air filter, cooling system, etc are part of your purchase.

Services on the other hand to get used to the generator may be a requirement if you want your generator to flourish. The best results create optimal efficiency and professional services will certainly assist you with this task – that’s why Pleavin Power are here to be your right-hand man!

Why Pleavin Power For Your 22 kVA Generators?

Viewing our range of products below is your next step to implementing your new energy strategy for independent and clean energy through times of jeopardy. How better to prepare for an onrush of power cuts than a backup diesel generator? Or, why not make it your prime source of power around your home or commercial property?

Below, we’re supplying you with the world’s leading brands and suppliers for your generators – whilst providing you with a plethora of services to act as a counterpart for any support you need in the setting up and maintenance phase.

Without these services, your generator won’t be able to perform at its optimal level, causing you to pay more towards sustaining a lower-ability generator. Please contact our expert team if you’re looking to find the perfect generator to suit your needs and we’ll happily get back to you with our experienced advice!

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