275 kVA Generators

Here at Pleavin Power, we boast a range of 275 kVA generators to choose from when assessing the power output you need for your daily appliances. Often, it can be difficult to sustain the amount of power required, especially with the economy and energy crisis in the current climate.

Luckily, we’re here to help you gain the freedom of owning your own power source to combat the struggles of using power from traditional companies. These diesel generators lead the industry with their efficiency and high-functioning capabilities. We pride ourselves on researching the highest-performing generators and will only provide you with these models.

From Cummins generators to Pramac and Honda, you cannot go wrong with this energy source. Regardless of whether you need it for domestic or commercial purposes, our range of generators below will give you everything you need for optimal performance (backup power or standby power). Check them out at the bottom of this page!

The Advantages of Using Our 275 kVA Generators

Heavy-duty diesel powered generators are obviously less portable than some of our lighter models, but the versatility of the larger kVA generators certainly gives you more freedom. For example, if you’re looking for a backup power source in the event of a power cut, this model can be suited to your home or company property.

On the flip side, (if used correctly) you can use this model as a prime power source. With the capacity of the fuel tank being higher and the elite-level generators supplied by our team, you will have a reliable, durable and long-lasting genset.

With this having a diesel engine too, you can expect to fill the tank with fuel less frequently, whilst it being more environmentally friendly to you and your peers. Not just that, but the cost-effective nature of this generator will save users money year-round compared to traditional energy companies or other versions of generators.

Weather in the UK is extremely unpredictable at times and preparing for this the best you can is ideal. Power cuts and power shortages are becoming more common, especially with the current economy.

Accordingly, this power origin from Pleavin Power will give you the energy required in times when others may be struggling – keeping your home appliances or business appliances running optimally.

Service and maintenance are studied to be a lot lower with diesel generators compared to any other opposing fuel type. With us providing upper-echelon generators to partner this fact, you can expect your generator to perform at excellent levels for sustained periods of time.

Prime Power vs Backup Power: How You Can Use Both

With Pleavin Power, our suppliers of generator sets promise to serve a high-quality product to use for both prime power and backup emergency power. However, depending on which one you’re using it for, you will need to know the power output you will need for either.

Prime power is often an ongoing supply of power for all your appliances in your given scenario, meaning it will need to run for long hours. Therefore, if you opt for our 275 kVA generator for prime power, we would suggest you work out the power required for all the appliances you’re looking to power.

For optimal prime power with this generator, you will be looking to be in the range of 25 kVA to 250 kVA for prime power rating. Consequently, if your power output adds up to higher than this – you may need a higher power generator. Whereas, if it falls in this range, you’ll be able to run your appliances at a consistent rate without filling your tank for a sustained amount of time.

For backup power (standby power rating), you will not be using the generator at all times for ongoing appliances and you will notice this on your control panels.

Hence, if you only need this generator for a power cut, you will be able to utilise the maximum power potential of this generator (275 kVA) to get your domestic or commercial appliances up and running again with maximum efficiency.

How Much Fuel Does the 275 kVA Generator Consume?

Of course, not all generators are manufactured the same but with our latest available models – you can expect to experience your generator consuming around 52.5 litres of diesel per hour at 100% load and 26.25 litres per hour at 50% load.

Of course, whether you choose to use this generator as a backup source of power or a prime power source, is completely up to you. However, depending on each function, you will be using more or less fuel each time.

If you’re using your 275 kVA generator as a backup generator, you will use far less fuel per hour than if you were to use it as a prime power source consistently, 24 hours a day.

At Pleavin Power, we always recommend you speak to one of our specialists to see if the generator is feasible for your desires and the costs you’re willing to pay. Fuel will cost money each time and if you’re using it as a prime power source – you can expect to pay more for fuel with your ongoing costs.

Why Choose Pleavin Power For Your 275 kVA Generator?

Here at Pleavin Power, we’re one of the leading power generation service providers in the UK and we pride ourselves on commitment, dedication and genuine passion for our craft/ customers. Unlike other companies, we have the services to partner with your generator, whether that be monitoring, maintenance or even servicing.

Not only that but with your 275 kVA generator alone, you can expect to receive a battery charger, water heater, internal fuel tank, low noise emission and many more additional features that make us stand out from the crowd.

If you want, we’re also on hand to help install your generator, give you tailored trailer delivery/ HIAB delivery and additional fuel tanks to go along with your purchase to make sure you’re set up for successful power generation.

We go the extra mile, so if you’re looking to purchase a generator, seek your options below or contact us here at +448006894803 or email us at [email protected] for further details or enquiries.

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