28 kVA Generators

Here at Pleavin Power, we provide our customers with premium-quality generator sets. Whether they’re portable or heavy-duty power sources, we only offer the most prominent brands that will supply you with long-term reliability.

Our 28 kVA generator range is a versatile machine that can provide you with continuous prime power or stationary standby power – meaning that whatever you’re investing in an independent power source will be covered.

Underneath, you will find our Cummins diesel generator that has multi-purpose functions, no matter if you’re trying to provide energy to your domestic property or commercial business too. Discover your new power generator here today!

The Benefits of Our 28 kVA Generators

Although this has a smaller generator output capacity compared to our heavy-duty applications on our website, you will have a more portable power generator at hand to move around if needed. With it being able to furnish 28 kVA of power at 100% load, this diesel engine will furnish low noise emissions, perfect for crowded areas.

Often, generator systems are known for being noisy and environmentally unfriendly. However, with our diesel Cummins generator, we have assessed the noise emissions and found that due to a porous metal surrounding the diesel engine – the sound energy will be dissipated.

Along with the sound absorbing features, diesel power generation is known for being additionally sustainable compared to its petrol counterpart.
Not only will diesel engines on average last longer than a typical petrol engine but with fewer carbon emissions (gas released into the atmosphere – you will have an environmentally-friendly generator that suits your surroundings much better.

This silent generator can act as a single-phase or three-phase generator for your needs, depending on the AVR alternator you invest in – relative to your voltage output. Versatile for both options, it is simply down to you on how you employ this 28 kVA generator to your advantage.

Standby Power vs Prime Power: What is the Optimal Power Rating?

Depending on the unit of power that you need for your appliances will determine the capacity of power required for your functions. A 28 kVA generator has a standby power capacity of anywhere between 27.5 kVA / 22 kW and a prime power rating of anywhere between 25 kVA / 19.8 kW.

As you can tell, there is a slight difference in the power output of each power rating. Therefore, if you’re totalling up the amount of power required to sustain your appliances – it will need to fall between 230 and 415 volts for optimum performance.

400/230v generators are generally manufactured to power 400 volt devices. Yet, with 400 volts being at the higher end, this will be closer to your standby power range and 230 volts will be likely fitted to your prime power requirements (run 230v output only for prime power).

If you want to run a small amount of appliances, we would recommend you stay in the prime power rating – depending on the voltage total. Whereas, if you need your 28 kVA generator for backup power generation, you will be able to reach the generator output limit (100% load) as you won’t need it for a sustained period of time.

What to Expect From Your Fuel Consumption Rate?

Investing in a fuel tank is not necessary here at Pleavin Power as we already have it integrated into our Cummins generator. However, buying fuel will be necessary once you run out. Consequently, how much fuel consumption can you expect from your 28 kVA generator?

Well, at 100% load, you will be expending approximately 6 litres of fuel per hour – meaning at 50% load, you will only be disbursing 3 litres of fuel every hour. Especially with a diesel fuel tank, you will be spending a lot less money every month replenishing fuel due to its environmentally friendly nature.

Your running time would be considerably less if you were to invest in a petrol generator. Just like a car, your diesel engine/ fuel will last longer and be more durable due to the optimal lubricant it provides.

What Does Your 28 kVA Generator Come With?

Here at Pleavin Power, we ensure that you’re best prepared for a high-performing experience with your chosen 28 kVA generator. Unlike other companies, we will provide you with what is needed to partner with your generator. Yet, what does your generator come with when you choose Pleavin Power?

You can expect to receive a battery charger and water heater as part of your parcel when you receive your generator – along with many other accessories such as set mounted 4-pole circuit breaker, close-fit acoustic canopy (77 dBA @ 1m), internal fuel tank and of course lifting eyes.

All of these features and tools are excellent for powering sensitive electronic functions – thus, when you’re trying to accurately balance the loads, you won’t have to worry about a faulty product.

Every feature secures that the generator is running at a safe level for the longest time possible. All appliances will have their faults but we’re here to make sure that you have the finest generator in the business with everything added, to assure that you face little setbacks.

Looking For The Right Generator Supplier?

At Pleavin Power, we’re more than just a supplier of three-phase diesel generators. We go the extra mile by adding additional installation, maintenance and servicing assistance to you if you want to keep your generator running at peak efficiency frequently.

Whether you’re based in data centres, hospitals or just in need of prime power/ backup power for any reason at all – we’re here to cater for all your desires.

If you decide that this 28 kVA generator is the correct option for the amount of space/ power generation you need, please note that you will need a qualified electrician generator installer or speak to our specialists here at Pleavin power and we’ll more than happily help you out.

Wherever you are nationwide, we’re willing to travel around the country to supply you with the best services and products – as our commitment and passion for our customers and niche are unrivalled. Get in contact with us today if you would like to speak further about taking the leap with this power generator. If you have any questions, we’ll be available 24/7, 365 days a year!

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