33 kVA Generators

At Pleavin Power, we’re here to provide our customers with the latest 33 kVA generators that are taking over the market in terms of value and quality. We demand that our customers receive the finest generators without fail each and every time, no matter the power output.

If you’re looking for an independent power source rather than trusting a widely known energy company or the national grid – we have a power solution for you in order to ensure that you have peace of mind.

Finding a fix for this problem so you can finally take control over your power, rather than relying on others to fix it for you will be beneficial for everyone involved – whether you’re a homeowner or a business. Take a look at our 33 kVA Cummins diesel generator below!

What You Need to Know About Our 33 kVA Generator

This CPG generator is a fully integrated power system providing optimum performance, reliability and versatility for stationary standby or prime power and continuous duty applications. Thus, if you have the desire to use it for either standby power or prime power – or even both, you can.

From battery chargers, lifting eyes, set-mounted 4-pole circuit breakers and many more – you will be getting a variety of additional features with your diesel generator. Pleavin Power believes that there are many companies that supply generators without the full array of features that you need to power a generator at the highest level at all times.

Therefore, we go the extra mile to ensure that our customer experience is more important than the revenue involved. As for delivery, installation and maintenance, speak to our expert staff and they can deliver your power generator via HIAB delivery or trailer delivery whilst completing the installation and any further services you need with that!

If you feel as though there are any services that you may require during the time such as remote monitoring, generator servicing, generator rewinds, etc – our team of professionals will always be on hand to assist our customers with their specific needs.

Why Invest in 33 kVA Generators: The Key Benefits

On the market today, there are lots of generators taking over how we look at our power sources. Whether you’re experiencing constant power cuts or power shortages, it’s always best to have your own backup plan rather than relying on the company that will be dealing with others experiencing the same issue.

Power cuts in the UK due to the ongoing energy crisis and unanticipated weather conditions are becoming more and more common as the years go by. How do you take charge of the situation? By investing in a diesel generator. Our 33 kVA generators have unrivalled features that will not only be environmentally friendly, but you will have control over your power at all times.

This diesel engine provides a durable, stable and powerful source of power designed to last the test of time. Due to diesel producing less carbon dioxide emissions, you will not have to fill up your fuel tank as often or worry about it affecting the people in your environment.

Diesel will also provide more lubrication to the engine, preventing the chance of it overheating. Overall, our Cummins diesel generator will save you money in the long run when trying to run your appliances efficiently.

Whether you want a standby generator or you desire a prime power generator set – our 33 kVA generator can furnish you with both. Thus, making the decision to use your own power generator without waiting via Pleavin Power will help keep your home or business running in times of uncertainty.

What Should You Expect Fuel Consumption Levels To Be?

With a 33 kVA generator, this is relatively small compared to some of the heavy-duty generators in our range. However, with a smaller generator comes less running costs for fuel. Being aware of the amount of fuel you will need is paramount when purchasing your generator (if you have any questions regarding this, speak to our team today!)

As you run your power source, you will notice that the fuel consumption levels will change, depending on how often you use the generator and at what power output. At 100% load (26.4 kW), you can expect to see your fuel consumption be at 7.6 litres of diesel per hour.

If you had a petrol generator, this would require much more fuel per hour but because of the energy-saving nature of diesel – you can expect to make fewer fuel runs with our generators.

What Are the Weight and Dimensions of Our 33 kVA Generator?

Before you install our generator on your domestic and commercial property, we want to ensure that the dimensions of the generator align with what your dedicated space can handle. We would recommend you visit a professional to measure the field of space in which you’re willing to implement a generator.

This way, when you get in touch with our team, we’ll know exactly what will suit your specific requirements. As for our 33 kVA generator, this power source has a dry weight of 708 KGs and dimensions of 1753 mm x 930 mm x 1238 mm (L x W x H).

Once you receive the results back from your measurements, you will be able to make an informed decision on whether you can install and maintain this on your commercial or domestic property.

Why Choose Us?

As one of the leading power generation service providers in the UK, we always work tirelessly to ensure that our customers across the country are satisfied with our products and/ or services. Our increasingly popular products are becoming a great partnership to the services we have been providing for years.

If you want an expert team to provide you with a high-quality generator from the finest brands across the world, whilst implementing necessary services to keep your generator performing at an optimum level – look no further than Pleavin Power.

Choose from our selection of 33 kVA generators below today and if you have any additional quandaries that need to be answered – we’re always available to speak with via our email [email protected] and phone number 0151 832 5007, so don’t hesitate to speak to our dedicated team.

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