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Brownhills Glass Group: People Buy From People

The Challenge

challenge when seeking an off-grid power solution for their facilities. CEO Mark Harrison emphasized the need for uninterrupted power due to the sensitive equipment within their facilities. However, finding a solution that could meet the instantaneous power requirements of their toughening furnaces proved to be a significant challenge. Despite exploring various options, including environmentally friendly alternatives, they struggled to find a solution that could provide the necessary power without any hiccups.

The Solution

Upon being engaged by Brownells Glass via referral, Pleavin Power swiftly stepped in to address United Glass Group’s challenge. Led by Jack and his dedicated team, Pleavin Power proposed a comprehensive off-grid power solution tailored to the specific requirements of United Glass Group’s facilities. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Pleavin Power first implemented a temporary solution to demonstrate the capability of their proposed solution. Once proven successful, they proceeded to provide a permanent turnkey design, supply, and installation of the off-grid power system.

Our solution, powered by diesel generators, stood out for its ability to meet the toughening furnaces’ instantaneous power draw without any issues. This reliability was a distinct difference compared to other solutions considered. Moreover, our team ensured clear communication throughout the process, explaining complex technical details in layman’s terms while instilling confidence in the expertise.

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