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Restoring Generators to Operational Excellence

The Challenge

The commencement of a significant new nationwide agreement presented our company with the opportunity to provide top-quality maintenance services to ensure the optimal condition of all our clients’ equipment. However, one particular site posed a unique challenge – the generators at this location had not been serviced for the past 20 years. This neglect meant that the generators were likely in poor condition and required extensive servicing to bring them back to optimal performance levels.

The Solution

Undeterred by the challenge, our team sprang into action to revitalize the neglected generators. With a comprehensive plan in place, our technicians set out to carry out a series of maintenance tasks to ensure the generators’ reliability and efficiency. This included servicing tasks such as coolant and oil filter replacements, flushing, thermostat changes, valve lash adjustments, and injector height adjustments. Additionally, our technicians performed a thorough inspection of the alternator, conducting a megger test to assess its insulation integrity. Functional tests were also conducted on the control system and the ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) to ensure proper operation.

Furthermore, to validate the generators’ performance, our team conducted comprehensive load tests using our Avtron loadbanks. These tests included pre-set load simulations and detailed recording of test results for the client’s reference. Each generator underwent a rigorous load testing process lasting for 4 hours, followed by a blackout test to assess its resilience under extreme conditions.

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