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How To Achieve An Uninterrupted Power Supply

How To Achieve An Interrupted Power Supply

If you have come across UPS, also known as Uninterrupted Power Supply, you may want to learn more about the subject before you decide to invest in one. Due to the subject at hand, it can be quite difficult to know where to begin as it’s a pretty niche topic.

Different systems will require different use cases depending on your situation. For example, if you are looking to invest in your office at work then the system best suited for this would be a smaller application  -whereas if you are needing a commercial UPS, it is best to have this if you are attempting to power huge data centres.

We’ve got our expert in-house team today to help guide you through UPS and how you are able to achieve an uninterrupted power supply. When thinking about UPS, you will need to consider the future of your business as you don’t want to be constantly replacing your UPS when scaling – so when investing in UPS you should always take into consideration your business growth over time.

If you have a business that has large amounts of equipment and is stacked with many staff then you are going to need a much bigger UPS compared to smaller businesses.


What Is An Uninterrupted Power Supply?

Before we dive deeper into the ins and outs of UPS, we first must understand what is an uninterrupted power supply. To sum it up shortly, it is a handy hardware device that is used when you suffer from power outages or potential blackouts and it will successfully provide you with backup power.

As you know it can be devastating to suffer from a power outage as it can cause damage to your electrical systems plus it can disrupt your work schedule leading to a loss of revenue.

When you suffer from a power outage, then investing in a UPS system can give you enough time so you can shut down your technology so you don’t lose any precious data. It will also give you enough time for you to figure out a plan to solve your power outage problems.

The amount of time that you get will depend on your electrical load, the size of your UPS and the number of backup batteries that you have.

You can back up your UPS with a power generator which provides the UPS with a constant power source as the generator runs on fuel, you can keep it running as long as you are able to top it up with fuel over time. Meaning that a UPS will keep your devices running till your power generator kicks in. That is why many people also invest in having a power generator paired with their Uninterrupted Power Supply.


Should I Have An Uninterrupted Power Supply?

If you currently own or run a business then you will definitely want to successfully protect the technology, digital devices and data that you have incase you run into any unexpected power failures and that means you should have an Uninterrupted Power Supply.

Investing in an UPS device will protect your devices if you do unfortunately run into a power failure. Running a business can be seriously damaging if you have any interruptions between your technology system and your main power supply.

If your business happens to heavily rely on technology and data, then you will want to make sure nothing happens to it and that means you should definitely invest in an uninterrupted power supply. Those who run a large data centre will have a UPS as a necessity so that their business is able to successfully function and have security which can give businesses solid peace of mind.


The Types Of UPS

There are many different UPS you can find on the market. You can find a whole range of models and features such as software management packages, built-in display screens and more. We’ve put together some of the main UPS that you can see. They are usually separated into three categories. Before that you make a choice, you first need to weigh up your business in order for you to select the ideal UPS for your current situation.


Standby UPS

The most common type of UPS system that is used for personal appliances and computers. It is usually the simplest system but it is extremely efficient and very low cost.


Line-Interactive System

Generally known as the middle-of-the-road system, it is mainly used by smaller businesses due to the system being relatively low-cost and high in efficiency. Line-Interactive System will generally offer you more protection compared to the Standby UPS due to them having additional line conditioning.

Online UPS

This type of system is more expensive and is usually by medium to large businesses as they are a lot more reliable compared to the cheaper systems because the inverter will always be running. This gives businesses a lot of protection against surges, spikes and more.


Can A UPS System Fail?

UPS systems are extremely reliable but like any piece of technology, they can be prone to fail over time. It is very unlikely that your UPS system will fail when you need it the most but it is best to always be prepared for the worst-case scenario, as you don’t want to damage any of your technology or lose potential data that your business needs.

That is why many businesses invest in a solution and we recommend that you have a plan even for your backup plan! You should add an extra layer of protection by adding a bypass switch which allows maintenance.


How Can I Get An Uninterrupted Power Supply?

If you relate to the problems above then you will want to invest in a UPS so that you can protect your precious business data and a UPS system can help you. You can contact the friendly support team here at Pleavin Power who can guide you in the right direction for your UPS. We can provide you with the right emergency power supply for you, and offer generator servicing and generator repairs.

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