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A Guide to Industrial Generator Services

a guide to industrial generator services

As with all other types of generators, industrial generators are used to provide your home or office space with extra power or even backup power in the event of an outage.

The difference between these types of generators and a traditional home generator, however, is that these generators are designed to endure much higher workloads and give off power to areas of an industrial scale.

The areas in which these can be utilised fully would be in places such as chemical plants, oil well sites and even pipelines.

Throughout this blog, we are going to be talking about industrial generators and the ways in which they can be used. We will also be discussing some of the services that can be provided alongside these generators.


Different Types of Generators

When looking to buy an industrial generator, there are plenty of things that you need to consider such as the different types of fuels that you can use to power it.

Much like home generators, different fuel types will give you a host of different benefits depending on the type that you opt for.


Diesel Industrial Generators

One of the most popular types of generators is diesel generators and this is because of a multitude of different reasons.

One reason why many people choose to use these types of generators is that they are incredibly energy efficient and will give you lots of power for a relatively low amount of fuel used.

These generators will range greatly in size with some producing as much as 2 megawatts and smaller ones producing around 9 kilowatts, all of which will be able to provide an ample amount of power depending on what they are needed for.

Diesel generators are also incredibly useful for areas where there is not a gas supply that you can use for natural gas generators as they use diesel fuel.

While this is useful, diesel generators do require refilling fairly often to ensure that they do not stop or fail. Luckily, diesel is an incredibly cheap fuel source and should not be difficult to obtain to refill the generator.

However, storing diesel correctly can be rather difficult as it is very possible for the fuel to become stagnant when storing it on site.


Natural Gas Industrial Generators

Another of the most popular types of generators is natural gas generators which are used by people all over the country who have access to a natural gas supply.

These types of generators have a lower maximum power supply than that of a diesel generator, ranging from 18kw to 1000kw which is still a great amount of power for industrial sizes.

Because the power is being pumped directly from the source, this means there is no time or money being wasted on refuelling your generator.

These money-saving capabilities are what make many people opt for these generators despite the slightly lower output in power.


Industrial Generator Maintenance

The team at Pleavin Power are expert in providing thorough generator maintenance services to people across the country in order to keep your generators in perfect working condition.

We are happy to deliver these services for industrial, home and portable generators of all kinds and will make sure to do so to the highest standard possible.

Generator maintenance requires a high level of intricacy and skill that our team possesses along with the necessary tools to complete such a task.

While there are certain aspects of generator maintenance that you could potentially do yourself such as changing your engine filters, most of this process is best done by professionals that will be able to give you the best service.

Servicing an industrial generator can be a lengthy process, however, there are plenty of necessary checks and requirements that should be taken into consideration by the maintenance team.

Some of these include: fluid levels are checked and sampled; adjustment or replacement of drive, auxiliary and fan belts every three years; integrity check of the auxiliary fuel system, storage, and operation; integrity check of engine and alternator heaters among much more that you can view here.

Our approach to generator maintenance is incredibly detailed and thorough which allows us to easily identify any potential problems before they begin to trouble your generator.

We will regularly return to look at your generator and complete more checks as some need to be completed within a certain time frame from one another.

When you do not service your generator, this is where you may need a generator repair service in order to return it to its original condition.


Industrial Generator Repairs

When looking to get your generator repaired, there are also a great number of things that you should consider before hiring a repair team.

Generator repairs do depend upon the different types of generators that you have purchased, for example, there will be different components inside a diesel generator compared to a gas generator that may need to be repaired.

Every manufacturer will give their specific requirements for repairs and maintenance which should be upheld throughout the entire life cycle of a generator, many of which may be able to be done by yourself.

These will have specific dates at which they should be done and specific intervals in between to ensure optimal efficiency for as long as possible.

If you do not comply with the maintenance measure then there is a very high likelihood that you will need repair services like ours in order to help get your generator back in working condition.



To conclude, industrial generators can come in many different shapes and sizes with each giving you a host of advantages and reasons why you should buy or hire one.

At Pleavin Power, we take pride in being able to deliver high-quality maintenance and repair services to all industrial generator owners across the UK.

If you have any further enquiries, you can get in touch with a member of our team at 0151 832 5007 or email us at [email protected].

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